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Beware of "C2ES" Climate Change Propaganda Group Retread

With the advent of super high speed internet and information sharing around the globe making it easier to expose nefarious groups and individuals that are spreading misinformation today, we are seeing the constant re-naming of those who are exposed to be propagandists/societal manipulators more frequently than ever before. This especially holds true in the Global Warming- which-is-now-Climate Change political propaganda arena.

It was recently quietly announced that a certain U.S. Climate change think tank had lost it’s main funding of charitable donations. The very same media manipulators who has previously deemed this group “a reputable think tank that sought solutions for climate change” seem to be a little miffed about how this particular group will now be getting their funding from big oil and green energy interests.  Notice how I wrote “a little miffed,” as opposed to furious there? The climate change scam supporters and pimps that faithfully promote the climate change biggest fraud to ever be perpetuated on the American public, will also be promoting this newly-named group 24/7, regardless of the fact that they are now being funded by big oil and green energy-government-connected- crony-capitalists. ( think Solyndra Light-Squared, and the rest of the entire solar/wind power-selling government-connected thieves)  

Meet the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, or C2ES

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C2ES is just a retread of one of the main originators of the then-titled Global Warming scam of the Clinton/Gore administration. C2ES was formerly known as the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. The President of the Clinton/Gore retread of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, which is now being called C2ES is none other than Eileen Claussen. In her fluffed up bio on the leftist-propaganda website, The Huffington Post, we see just how manipulative the media can be, not in what they print, but in what they purposely choose to leave out: 

Ms. Claussen is the former Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

Prior to joining the Department of State, Ms. Claussen served for three years as a Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Global Environmental Affairs at the National Security Council. She has also served as Chairman of the United Nations Multilateral Montreal Protocol Fund.

Ms. Claussen was Director of Atmospheric Programs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where she was responsible for activities related to the depletion of the ozone layer; Title IV of the Clean Air Act; and the EPA’s energy efficiency programs, including the Green Lights program and the Energy Star program.

Of note is that this Global Warming propagandist has held various positions in the Extreme Political Activists  group known as the EPA, which is 100% controlled by far left environmental radicals under the thumb of Lisa Jackson today.

What they fail to include in that Liberal libation posing as a “bio” is the fact that Ms. Claussen was a major plank in the Global Warming fraud initiated by the Clinton administration with a heavy does of Al Gore at the helm. Yes that Al Gore. The Huff-blow bio goes on to mention a bunch of fluffy awards Claussen received from her green energy bed-pals, along with the fact that she is a long time member of The Council of Foreign Relations, or CFR. Now that we have drug Ms. Claussen out of the Al Gore/Clinton closet for all to see, we also see that in an article by the AFP, Ms. Claussen now claims C2ES will be.. wait for it…an “Independent, non-partisan solution center.”  I can practically hear our readers laughing out loud when reading that ludicrous statement, no matter where they may be reading from.   If C2ES is in fact an independent, non-partisan solution center, then they surely will not be sucking the sludge from the same taxpayer-funded-money trough as the rest of the government crony-capitalists in big oil and green energy are doing today, right? Not quite.

In the C2ES coming-out-of-the-Al-Gore-closet-under-a-new-name announcement, Claussen named their three new “strategic partners” as Entergy, HP and Shell, adding that they had made “substantial multi-year funding commitments to the new organization.” ( except for the fact that this is not a new organization, but the same old Al Gore-type Global Warming, propaganda-spreading, puppet group that has changed names.)

Major contributors” were listed as the Alcoa Foundation, Bank of America, GE, The Energy Foundation, Duke Energy and last but certainly not least, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.  Pay attention folks, there is a new Climate Change propaganda group that isn’t really new at all, and it’s now called C2ES.   Brought to you by the Clinton/Al Gore administration and now funded by various government-connected crony-capitalists in the big oil and green energy sectors.  All under the guise of being “independent and non-partisan.”


2012 just can’t get here fast enough!

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One Comment

  1. JEEE-SUSS!!
    I know who and what this witch is and she is a Maurice Strong acholite, prodige’, and sicophant who has trees growing out of her butt, who believes like Maurice Strong does that America is the number one polluter in the world. She also believes that everything that can be taken from American’s that could cause pollution should be and is necessary to take from, every American business, major manufacturing, and energy producing industry in order to take that wealth they have made by raping the Earth, and give it to all the nations of people’s who’ve been made sick, poor, and have had their governments controlled so they all could steal the energy and money of those nations. And she believes that it is wrong for American’s to have air conditioning in their homes and places of work like Maurice Strong does and preaches everywhere, because American’s believe they deserve to be comfortable when there are so many in the world who are miserable, hungry, and destitute because of the undeserved riches of oil, gas, minerals, American’s have stolen from all these other nations.

    The truth of the matter is America hasn’t stolen a damn thing from any of these other nations in order for us to have air conditioning in our homes and places of work. We produce our own energy needs and don’t take it from anyone. We purchase every drop of oil we use to keep our energy needs taken care of. We buy every pound of ore and minerals from other countries that our industries need in order to continue to make the products not just American’s need but other countries as well, that this witch claims we stole from other countries.

    Like Maurice Strong, she believes that we have stolen from other countries all the energy needs of our people, and since we have the people from those countries have been poisoned by the polluting clouds of smoke and gases that have come from not only the power plants here in America, but from the power plants we’ve built in those other countries. Of course all that is lies, and misinformation designed to punish American businesses for their role in polluting all these other countries, and are responsible for the starvation of those people because they can’t grow food anymore because the water and ground is poisoned from what we’ve done there.


  2. PLEASE LOOK MAURICE STRONG UP, HIS ASSOCIATION WITH THE UN, OBAMA, CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE, OUR EPA, DESTRUCTION OF OUR OIL AND GAS INDUSTRIES. All you have to look up is this man’s name Maurice Strong and you will come up with enough sites to satisfy your courosity for a long while. You will need to look up Strong and Obama together and it will show you what these two people are up to in taking our nation away from us. The New World Order.

  3. Thanks for the hat-tip Will, I missed her connection to Globalist thief M.Strong. Thanks also for bringing up her sordid history of just what these people are up to. Glenn beck outed M.Strong a ways back too. Said he was almost as dangerous as Georgie Soros, who funds many of the very same puppets who try to come into conservative sites and spread what can only be described as new wave communist propaganda.

    Keep on hammering at their lies and agenda Will, we are well on our way to winning the future in America, and it will start in the 2012 elections when we relegate Obama to the dust bin of failed Presidential electoral experiments for good. The people won’t fall for his con job again.

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