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How Annoying Was Tim Kaine


As I settled in for the Vice-Presidential debate, I really didn’t know what to expect, after all I didn’t know much about either contender, especially Kaine. What I was not expecting was Tim Kaine making a complete ass of himself. After a while I found myself sitting there shouting at the TV, “Will you shut the hell up and let ...

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If Republicans Had Been More Bold…


If Republicans had been more bold, they’d have impeached Obama and avoided the packing of the Supreme Court with liberals. If Republicans had been more bold, they’d have impeached Obama and avoided the takeover of local police forces by the DOJ. If Republicans had been more bold, they’d have impeached Obama and not experienced the escape from justice that Hillary ...

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The V.P. Debate Kaine vs.Pence!Pence Nails it!!


The Vice Presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence was held Tuesday night and Pence came out swinging and shining like a true star and very Vice Presidential to Kaine’s multi interruptions and lack luster, but rude and obnoxious performance. Moderated by CBS’s Elaine Quijano, the debate got off to a fiery start. Kaine appeared to be a one ...

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CBS News should be ashamed of Elaine Quijano’s attempt at moderating – but they won’t be


Despite Mike Pence’s overwhelmingly superior performance, unequaled patience and tolerance of Tim Kaine’s untruthful statements and numerous interruptions – the New York based CBS News moderator managed to create equal footing for the under-prepared and unqualified Tim Kaine. CBS’ Elaine Quijano was worse than any moderator so far in the debate series. If she thought this was her rung on the ladder ...

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Mexican Citizens Are Frightened By Donald Trump? Really?


Mexicans have been quoted the last several months, by our Hillary-loving liberal press, as being frightened by Donald Trump and his “threatening” verbiage. This line of journalistic malpractice is similar to the complaint by Hillary and Obama that Trump’s words are attracting recruits to the cause of ISIS, which is a ridiculous lie. The only people who should fear Donald ...

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Can You Trust The Press?


Is the press trustworthy? Can we believe what reporters and journalists tell us? Judith Miller, Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for the New York Times, explains why Americans’ trust in the news media has fallen, and why that matters.

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Obama E. Neuman’s “What, Me Worry?” Attitude


Our immature president is nearing his final term in office and will be skating away just in time to avoid the natural, disastrous ramifications of his far-left, America-is-bad, “fundamental transformation of America” policies. So the next president will have some or all of the following national issues to address and fix, if indeed they can be fixed: Weekly riots in ...

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Calling Out the Know-It-All Left on the Issue of Racism

Hillary Clinton

During the transformative years of the 1960s and 1970s the country went through some incredible growing pains, especially where the issue of race was concerned. Implementing the necessary actions – not just the rhetoric – of the Civil Rights movement allowed the overwhelming majority of us – and our society – to move beyond the true inequities with which racism ...

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Michelle Obama Reflects On Hillary Clinton


I just saw a video that surprised me in this election year. Michelle Obama is giving a talk critical of Hillary, who I thought was running for Obama’s third term as president. In reference to the accusations of rape and intern abuse by husband Bill Clinton, both inside and outside the White House, Michelle stated that a woman (she is ...

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What Comey’s Testimony Reveals About the Culture of Modern Government


As is usually the case in any proceeding where Trey Gowdy is present, an exchange between the South Carolina representative and FBI director James Comey, testifying in an oversight hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, stands out of the hours of futile verbal sparring as one moment of clarity and consequence. Asked by Gowdy what Hillary Clinton would have had ...

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Americans Want Their FBI And DOJ Back


Americans have always been able to breathe a sigh of relief when they read about the excesses of Hitler and Stalin and the evil things they did, including imprisoning or even executing their citizens under their evil systems of justice. We’ve always been glad that these things couldn’t happen here. Well, think again, muchacho. Under the leadership of Barack Obama, ...

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