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Whose Side Is Obama On, American Citizens Or The Terrorists?

Our dithering President Obama, the same president who wants to vaguely “contain” the murderers, rapists and torturers of ISIS and not kill these horrific sub-humans, has no problem ordering that a data base of potential terrorists, created after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center with the intention of preventing further terrorist attacks on America, be eliminated. Barack Obama ...

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We Can Make Christmas Merry!

The challenges and vicissitudes of life are great and sometimes seem insurmountable and beyond our ability to cope, let alone overcome them. Yet, in the midst of this special holiday season especially, it behooves us to take time to make a personal assessment of how we view our lot in life. Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective – ...

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Obama Intentionally Creates Trouble And Divisiveness For America

As Obama makes ready to leave the White House, this fool community organizer cannot restrain himself from doing things intended to cause trouble in America with his crazy followers, but which will also create problems for his successor, Donald Trump, as Mr. Trump becomes president. Things like: A last-minute release of terrorists from GITMO, A new ban on off-shore drilling, ...

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Additional Liberal Lies About Racism, Prove Liberal Racism

Donald Trump USA Thank You Tour Orlando Florida 12-16-17

Throughout the recent general election campaign we heard the Democrats claim that Donald Trump’s supporters were racists and that they were inciting violence and saying racist things that proved their anti-minority prejudice. Then we saw the leaked information from Project Veritas that proved that Hillary Clinton herself, via her cadre of loyal, lying, criminal Democrats on the DNC staff, was ...

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WATCH: MTV Post White-Shaming Video and Everyone Responds

MTV 2017 White Guy Resolutions

Music Television (MTV) doesn’t show music videos anymore nor is it much about music, but the progressive-oriented and oft-ignored cable channel has decided that telling white people how to act is . In this video, MTV is clearly white-bashing – otherwise known as racism. In response, we offer Tucker: Whether it was Tucker or non-MSM information that got MTV to ...

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Crybaby Hate Coming From The Anti-Hate Crowd!!!

There was an old Twilight Zone episode called  “The Monsters are due on Maple Street” where a group of aliens from another world came down and secretly turned people against each other so everyone was blaming everyone else for what was happening to them. Sounds like what is going on now with the democrats blaming everyone and everything for their ...

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The Fake Issue of ‘Fake News’

Facebook in planning to launch a mechanism with which they can brand news feed entries as “fake news.” The information behemoth plans to bring in third party “fact-checkers” and enlist the help of Facebook users to flag content for scrutiny. Some of the third party “fact-checking” entities include Snopes, PolitiFact, FactCheck.org, and ABC News. These anointed entities will determine if ...

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Is Donald Trump a “Disrupter” In American Politics? I Think Not.

Donald Trump USA Thank You Tour Hershey Pennsylvania 12-15-16

The New York Post recently published an article titled “Buckle up, Trump’s era of disruption has only just begun”. The title seems to suggest that old crazy Donald has sprung a good trick on America and intentionally created bad feelings that will trip legislators up for years to come, when actually nothing could be further from the truth: Donald Trump ...

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To All The People Urging The Electors To Not Vote For Trump! I Have A Few Words For You!!!

To all you people pressuring electors with thousands of e-mails not to vote for Trump I have a few things to say to you: 1) I guess you don’t want to see America made great again. 2) I guess you don’t want to see thousands of people working again like IBM is doing and U.S. Steel is doing if Trump ...

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Oh, How The Mighty Doth Tumble!

Clinton Foundation

The lying, arrogant, law-breaking bastards in the Clinton campaign can no longer blame anyone but themselves for the exposure of their corrupt policies, actions and opinions with the release of an article by the Daily Mail containing information asserting that Russia absolutely did not provide the WikiLeaks documents that embarrassed and exposed the Clinton gang-of-thieves. The article asserts, coming from ...

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The Lunatic Hollywood Useful Idiots!!!

  If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed and if you do read the newspapers you are misinformed—–Actor Denzel Washington. I’ve always admired actor Denzel Washington. Not only is he a good actor, but level headed, soft spoken and very intelligent. I don t know if he’s a conservative or not but he sure acts like one and ...

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Only free trade is truly fair

The current dichotomy which is being promoted between “fair trade” and “free trade” is utterly nonsensical. Free trade is the only type of fair trade. Free trade empowers the actors considering entering into a business relationship to set their own standards of what constitutes “fairness.” If all parties can come to a consensus where their individual ideas of what is ...

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From A Cuddly Russia, To A Monstrous Russia, Thanks To Trump

Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin - premier.gov.ru

I can remember when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and Russia was this fun and cuddly little elf with whom Hillary liked to chuckle and exchange RESET buttons. And who can forget the good-buddy Russia, with Obama begging Medvedev to plead with Putin to give him (Obama) time to win the next election, at which time he (Obama) would ...

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Obama Is Becoming Yesterday’s News

One hears that Obama, appearing more each day to be gradually becoming a bad memory, believes that Trump is not fit to deal with international relations, and that Trump’s lack of knowledge in international affairs will prove to be bad for America. Donald Trump has been dealing with foreign personalities for decades in an attempt to make deals that will ...

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