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As Usual, A Problem Created By A Democrat Will Be Blamed On Trump

Drain the Swamp

I can see the headlines from the liberal rags now: “The election of Donald Trump causes massive unrest and invasion along the southern border”, or “Trump threatens Mexico causing inundation of illegal immigrants”, or “Unease with Trump intolerance causes poor Mexicans to flood into America”. As usual, a problem created and made worse by a Democrat, Barack Obama, is being ...

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Hate Trumps Love With The Left!!!

With all these peace ,love and tolerance people suddenly rioting in the streets, shouting hateful epithets and saying Trump is not their president and becoming the very thing they are opposing, I am reminded of a famous Archie Bunker poster (for those of you that remember him) that said “There s a little bit of me in all of youse.” ...

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The Trophy kids strike again!

Let me start by saying, the 1st Amendment is a wonderful thing. It allows us to publicly protest against things our government or companies do that we feel are against our laws or hurt people who can’t stand up for themselves or that we simply feel are just plain wrong. You get the right to do that because of a ...

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To Protect and Serve

Whether you like the police or not we all have experiences in dealing with them in one capacity or another. Officers are human beings, your neighbor and maybe part of your own family. Robo Cop has yet to get a patrol car or go on duty. So why do so many public safety careerists want to be separate from the ...

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Rebuke over ‘Trump forces Black Family from Home’: Too PC or Deserved?


A North Carolina state representative is reportedly getting slammed for having emailed an internet meme with the fake newspaper headline “Trump forces black family from home.” N.C. Rep. George Cleveland emailed the image to members of the N.C. House Republican caucus but included no comments of his own. Cleveland’s peers wasted no time disparaging their comrade as they felt the republicans ...

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Considering The Leftist “I Condemn Both Sides” Line Of Illogic As A Way To Pass The Buck And Avoid Blame


Recently I heard Geraldo Rivera speaking about the rioting going on in too many cities across America, where we see Hillary’s supporters burning buildings and attacking people as they protest the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. Mr. Rivera self-righteously said “I condemn both sides” for the violence. Since there are no Donald Trump rioters burning things and beating ...

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Pollsters: Wrong, American Voters: Right, As Usual


All the American public has been able to see on cable TV or on-line the last several weeks is maps of blue and red states supposedly showing us where Hillary and Trump were going to gain votes and where they had to compete for uncertain votes. One minute it’s a description of Nevada and its Hispanics, then it’s about Michigan ...

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Trump Wins!!!Dems Depress!!!

                        Donald Trump pulled off one of the biggest upsets in American political history when he toppled Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday. It was the most unique, divisive and rhetoric driven, tightest race in history. Hillary got the popular vote with 59 million while Trump got 58 million, but he won the electoral vote with 279 ...

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Dear cowardly leftists: Here’s how to immigrate to Canada


I’m not insinuating that all those on the left are cowards, but several liberal celebrities, biased journalists, silicon billionaires, and public figures admitted that they had no backbone when they threatened to move to Canada and other places rather than work with a Trump administration to turn the country around – I’m here to help. We don’t need the childish, ...

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Time To Leave America

Throughout the campaign one by one they came out crying they were going to leave America if Trump won the election. Well let’s see if they are people of their word, I think not, although I would love to see them gone. This is one men’s opinion.

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National Elections Don’t Occur in a Vacuum

Today, all eyes are on the presidential race, and understandably so. But national elections don’t occur in a vacuum. Understanding the results at the top of the ticket requires interpreting the result in the context of state and local races which occur simultaneously. Elections with huge margins of victory at the top of the ticket are immediately branded as “mandates” ...

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Are Liberals For Real?

The same Democrat candidate for president who called millions of Trump supporters “deplorable” a few weeks ago, now has the nerve to state that she wants to represent us and assure our pleasant and prosperous future. I don’t think so. The same sitting, Democrat president who swore an oath to uphold the laws of our nation and to protect our ...

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We Can Actually Listen to Each Other [video]


Elite political leaders would have Americans tear each other apart, but perhaps, just perhaps, we can realize that we are all humans with respectable views – it just might take a golden retriever to prove the point.

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