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Liberals Use Their Own Elitist, Dictatorial Accusations Against Each Other

H & B

Republicans, who have been repeatedly accused by Democrats of waging a War on Women, got a reprieve of sorts recently when a Hillary supporter accused Bernie Sanders of being a sexist because he will not drop out of the Democrat primary race and give the candidacy to Hillary, and they wanted this act of self-immolation from Bernie even before all ...

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Article V Convention is a “National Convention”

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called under the Articles of Confederation that gave state legislators supreme power. When the U.S. Constitution was created, the structure of our government included a new entity…We the people. The Preamble of the Articles of Confederation starts with “we the undersigned Delegates of the States…” The U.S. Constitutions preamble starts with “We the People…” ...

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Do We Still Deserve Our Constitution?

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other:  John Adams Our Founding Fathers set the wheels in motion to form the greatest country the world has ever known, why have we fallen to a place that is unrecognizable to many Americans?  Could it be because the Democratic ...

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Barack Insane Obama: Stammering For The Faith


Last week Barack Obama made a speech in Elkhart, Indiana, that was supposed to be a renunciation of Donald Trump and his announced policies should he become president, but it turned into a stammering fest as Obama got stuck on his words and repeated them so many times that he sounded like an old 45 RPM record that got stuck ...

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For Liberals, A Lack Of Evidence Is All The Evidence They Need To Prove Their Dubious, Radical Points


Ever wonder how liberals, who generally are prosperous and live well under capitalism, can possibly want to introduce the proven failure of socialism and Marxism into our society? Have you ever heard Obama speak with absolute and complete sincerity of the “success” of his terribly failed and divisive administration? How many times have you heard members of the Obama White ...

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If A Nuclear Missile Was Launched Against The United States, Would Obama Have The Courage Or Desire To Retaliate To Save America?


Last week Obama was in Hiroshima, once again apologizing for America’s past actions in the world. Whenever the subject arises of the United States using an atomic weapon, it must be remembered that Japan started the war with their unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, and it was Harry Truman who had the courage to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order ...

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Resistance to Tolerance Is Futile

Leon's may have to do something about that flag, too.

The legions of “tolerance” have crushed another dissenter. Ron Schneider, owner of Leon’s Frozen Custard in Milwaukee, has been forced to surrender his English–only ordering policy after complaints from ethnic agitators. It started Tuesday, May 17th, when a customer in front of a prickly Hispanic tried to order his custard in Spanish. The server replied, “I’m not allowed to speak ...

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More Leftist, Anti-Trump Violence Is a Yawn For The Leftist Press


After weeks of our beloved leftist press warning us and predicting that the Trump sympathizers will become violent as the presidential campaign proceeds, but seeing only leftists get violent at the Sanders delegates’ outbreak in Nevada (and Sanders’ troops made a promise of more such violence to follow at the Democrat convention if they don’t get their way), and after ...

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Racist Or Not? I Don’t Think So

What a world we live in, some people see a racist behind every tree. I ran across this ad from China, Liberal are screaming Racist, I think it’s very funny and my hat is off to the advertising company that thought of it. Once again we see that Liberals have no sense of humor. What do you think.  

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Memorial Day – A Time for Reflection and Honor


It has always been with a sense of awe that I regard those who have either voluntarily or involuntarily, assumed the role of guardians of life and liberty, by taking an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic. We owe our security, safety, and freedoms to our military men and women who don the uniform ...

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Obama’s Criticism Of Trump Is Trump’s Greatest Advertisement


I’m unable to recall a time when a sitting president, like Barack Obama, would interfere in a political campaign from the presidential podium and make official statements attacking candidates by name who oppose his party’s policies (and just wait until this fool man is out of office and see how much he meddles in governmental affairs and how deranged he ...

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Why Donald Trump Must Use Vicious, Factual Attacks Against Hillary and Bill In The Upcoming Campaign


Our liberal pals at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post are thoughtfully giving the Trump campaign the very valuable advice to not attack Hillary on Bill’s scandalous behavior toward women and to steer clear of all of the Clintons’ scandals when campaigning against Hillary this election season. I certainly hope that the Trump campaign will ...

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The Whole World Is Watching Part Two

Wasserman shultz difference between democrat and socialist

You know that old saying, “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” or is it walk around naked? Either way you shouldn’t do either one. This brings me to the disaster that is the Democratic Party. For months the Democrats have been gushing with happiness because it seemed like the Republican Party was falling apart. There was talk ...

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