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Even California can’t escape Obama’s ‘ Successes’


President Obama’s words during Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech ring hollow for California as they do for the rest of the nation. California is experiencing a huge uptick in gang activity and homelessness despite the President’s multitude of pretty charts and figures matched with velvet words from an ineffective leader. Overall crime Los Angeles last year rose to its ...

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POTUS Was Untruthful During SOTU Address Last Night

Il Duce Obama

One hates to dwell too long an anything a veteran liar like Obama says, but his basic message last night in his State of the Union Address was “be nice and do what I tell you to do”.  The message was delivered in his usual staccato, bursty manner with his hands lightly striking the podium to emphasize each brief, and ...

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What could go wrong: Folk singer hopes to personally serenade ISIS into non-violence

James Tyman

Just when you thought you’d heard every possible solution to President Obama’s giant mess in the middle-east, someone does something more incredible. I’m a religious guy, but thinking that millions of radical, militant, Islamist fighters will succumb to a dude with a guitar is pushing my faith to the limit. James Twyman, of Portland, Ore., told he feels a ...

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The People Are Speaking, In Spite Of the Hot Verbal Air Of Politics


The establishment Republican’s candidates can’t get any traction against Trump, Cruz or Carson, and for the Democrat leadership, Hillary is looking increasingly weak and threatened against Bernie Sanders. The people out here in fly-over country are speaking via candidate opinion polls and the politicians from both parties are frightened about what is happening to their hand-picked candidates, and they don’t ...

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Independent Voters, America Needs You!


The final word to escape the lips of William Wallace of “Braveheart” fame was “Freedom!” The scene still today sends chills down my spine, and arouses a profound sense of gratitude for the freedoms we have in America, even with their gradual erosion that we’ve witnessed over the past 240 years. Even as William Wallace was willing to give his ...

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There Is No Doubt You’re A Liberal If…


You believe Hillary landed in an aircraft in Bosnia while under enemy fire. You think “what difference, at this point, does it make” was a good response for Hillary and excused her from culpability in the Benghazi terrorist attack and the resulting murders of her staff there. You think the wholesale release of enemy combatants from GITMO is good idea ...

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Will We Ever Learn The True Relationship Between Obama And Iran?

Eagle- America Deserves Better

(Obama And The Iran Nuke Deal: From Stupid To Dangerous To Criminal) Ever since the early months of the Obama administration, when Obama allowed Iran to imprison, torture and kill the young people who made up the Green revolution in that country, I wondered what hold Iran had on our Obama that allowed him to turn his back on people ...

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Are Establishment Republicans Stupid, Or Do They Just Play Stupid After Being Elected to Office?

Eagle Trusting Government

A few weeks ago Republicans (who run both houses of Congress, by the way) fully funded Obamacare for another year, and today House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.  Stated differently, recently Republicans handed Obama the money to fully implement Obamacare (and in the process further destroy healthcare in America), yet today they symbolically voted to repeal Obamacare ...

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Remembering Dr. King’s Struggle Against Gun Control

As we approach MLK day, we requested reprint permission from our friends at The Typical Shooter for this informative article. Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Like every year, there will be discussion of his life and achievements. I wish to tell a different story: the story of his struggle against racist gun control laws. Dr. King, who was ...

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Someone Please Tell Obama That the Following Things Are Not “What We Are”

Trump we need a real president video

Right off the bat it must be said that none of Obama’s actions and policies are “what Americans are” as a nation.  The phrase “not what we are” is a popular one with our Barry as he tries to convince us that we should behave as a nation just as he declares we should, even though his actions are contrary ...

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as Veterans center snubs Obama

Eagle God Bless America

I read about the obama regime edict that all veterans units refrain from saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS” but to instead to use the secular “happy holidays” greeting and to not display any Christmas decorations in public because it might “offend” someone. I am happy to report that the Claremore facility honored God by ignoring the asinine edict from dictator obama. There ...

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‘Where White People Meet’ ad causing uproar

wherewhitepeoplemeet sign

A billboard for dating website on SR 201 in West Valley City, UTAH is getting a lot of attention. Utahn Michelle Dessau said “I just feel we should be past that whole mindset of staying within our own race and segregation pretty much,” but is political correctness causing an over-reaction? People date how and who they choose and if the market supports a ...

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Making the World a Little Better in 2016


In spite of all the challenges and vicissitudes we’re facing domestically and globally this year, and the daunting challenges facing the country and our culture, there is much good that oftentimes escapes our notice. Sometimes as we review the year, both societally as well as personally, it can be a matter of perspective, whether we deem the glass half full, ...

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What is the Place of Loyalty in Modern Politics?

What role should loyalty play in democratic politics? On the one hand, party systems are necessary to republicanism. They provide structure, put a face on distant and often shrouded political mechanization for voters, unite like-minded individuals around ideas and help them ensure they support policies that work best for them. But take this idea too far and politics becomes about ...

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In Defense Of Capitalism: Earned Value Creates Better, Happier Lives

donald trump make america great

There’s a reason non-capitalist nations are so poor and have populations that are miserable, and why capitalist nations are wealthy and comfortable. The reason capitalism is successful anywhere it’s tried is that the money that makes manufacturers and small businesses wealthy is earned by them. This also applies to the employees of corporations who also earn the money they make ...

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