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Dems to Sotomayor: You Were Great, But Now We Need You to Go

Thank you, Soto. You served your purpose, but your time has come. You are 70, and, yes, that is twelve years younger than feeble Joe, but we need your robe for a younger dudette. BTW, we need this to happen soon, so we can replace you before Joe loses to Trump on November 5. This will not be a repeat of Merrick Garland (thank God we kept that evil man off the Court), as the Democrats have the White House and Senate. The only monkey wrench will be when Sotomayor says, no way. I think I still look good in black.

I have more respect for the Supreme Court but channeled Democrat discourse for that opening paragraph. The Democrats are treating her like bananas, too brown for banana bread. It’s time to throw them out. She was championed as the first Latino female justice, proving how diverse and WOKE the Democrats are for elevating her to the Court. They do not want to take any chances on Biden losing and Trump replacing Sotomayor with a young MAGA, abortion-hating judge that tilts the Court to 7-2. If the Dems cannot pack the Court, they have to replace Sotomayor now, years before she planned to exit.

This is not the first time the Democrats have called this play. They feared the Red Wave that everyone saw coming in 2022, so they looked to Justice Stephen Breyer and convinced him that he should take the gold watch and bow out gracefully/ The Democrats saw the Republicans gaining the Senate Majority in the mid-terms and had to act. They successfully convinced Breyer to retire and make room for the Black female that Biden promised he would deliver. The call went out to Ketanji Brown Jackson, who had clerked for Breyer. During her confirmation hearing, she could not define the term woman, but she favors abortion, and that is all you have to say to a Democrat to get their vote.

Democrats have become the One Trick Pony that Biden used to enjoy calling members of the press. They do not appear concerned about the economy, fentanyl poisonings, homelessness, Ukraine, or the chaos at the border, but have anyone intimate restrictions on the unfettered right for a woman to obtain an abortion, you will feel the wrath of Khan. Abortion is the singular issue that will stimulate voters of all ages to come out, vote, and support.

Ironically, Biden has shown little respect for the Supreme Court. In a classless act, he belittled the Justices during the State of the Union Address, and by defying their decision on Student Loan Forgiveness, he kept pushing on with his plan and enhanced it more every week. But he does recognize he needs the Court to support him. He wants it both ways.

I am not a fan of Justice Sotomayor, but I do hope that she resists this effort to replace her. She is still a young Justice and should be able to plot her own career path, including when it is time to step down.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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