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Is There Any Justification for TDS?

Please consider most Nations facing any health crisis quickly alerts citizens and institutes ways to confront, confine, and minimize damage. In this instance, we must question why TDS has not risen to that crisis level in the eyes of the President and US Health officials. If America fails to admit and address our own health crisis, how can we legitimately ...

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Hollywood’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is Off the Charts – the Return of the Queen – Mini AOC, She’s Baaaaaack!

(True Conservative Pundit) News that Nancy Pelosi initiated a formal impeachment inquiry was to Hollywood libs like being invited to the ultimate drug and alcohol-fueled party where everything is free.  Liberals everywhere are beside themselves with rapturous joy at the thought of President Trump being impeached. “We are dressed and ready for the #ImpeachmentParty. What are you wearing?” We are ...

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