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More Than a Third of College Students Say They’ll ‘Likely’ Protest If Trump Wins Election, Survey Says

Around 40% of college students said they will likely or certainly protest if President Donald Trump wins the election, according to an Axios poll released Friday.

Exactly 22% of students surveyed said they are ‘likely’ to protest and 17% said they will ‘certainly’ protest should Trump win the 2020 election, the College Reaction/Axios survey found. More students, 30%, said they would not protest if Trump won and 31% said they are not likely to protest a Trump victory.

“The dissatisfaction with the status quo is also reflected by the number of students who are willing to protest Trump reelection with 40% of college students saying they will likely or certainly participate in protests,” the survey said.

Only 1% said they are “absolutely certain” to protest if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins the election, according to the survey. Almost three quarters, 70%, said they “absolutely will not” protest if Biden wins the 2020 election.

The survey also found that 2% said they are likely to protest while 27% said they are unlikely to protest should Biden win. When asked, “If someone you know does not vote even though they can, will you address, confront, or otherwise convey disappointment towards them?” more than half, 61%, said that they would or probably would, according to the survey.

Almost a quarter, 24%, said they probably will not confront nonvoting acquaintances and 16% said “definitely not” for the same question, according to the survey.

“We found that young people are bummed by the state of the nation. More than 75% believe race relations, America’s standing in the world, and safety have plunged since 2016,” Cyrus Beschloss, founder of College Reaction, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Most students support Joe Biden, so a Trump win would naturally sting most. But what we learned is that it would also spark swift demonstrations, rather than empty rants. Civic engagement is cool now,” Beschloss continued.

The survey was conducted via email Oct. 6 – 7 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3%. The poll was done “from a representative sample of 872 college students,” according to the survey methodology.

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  1. It’s sad we can’t accept the people’s choice without “protesting.” Very doubtful it would be peaceful. And why? Because young people are being taught that what they think is all that counts, and if they don’t get their way they should pitch temper tantrums and get abusive. Mothers, don’t let your babies grow up to be liberals.

  2. Who cares? Let them burn their own leftist cities to the ground, they are full of leftist anyway. These small colleges in small towns won’t get away with anything, the police will arrest them and then they can start their new career with a police record, good luck with that.

  3. It will be a Short year for those students. When we eradicate the rioters with Extreme Prejudice.

  4. I can deal with a few thousand spoiled snowflakes whining in the streets. So long as our great president gets re-elected. Great trade off!

  5. Once the Trump/Republican landslide is complete, Americans will start “taking back the streets” and demonstrators will get a first hand taste of patriotism at their hands.
    It’s going to be beautiful!

  6. Why is this a surprise? We have known that the little sheep have been indoctrinated for years. Anyone remember the riots in D.C. on inauguration day and the so called women march the next day? This has already happened and there are several organizations that are calling for national protests, all at the same time they accuse the president of not peacefully leaving office.

  7. Of course they’ll protest. They’ll be hoping for an E for effort from their professors who teach them how to protest. It’s a very important class. From that they will next learn how to riot

  8. Here’s something that helps educate kids and parents. I received this from site. The title of the story can be seen in the long link copied and pasted here. They use an unusual method for their videos…music plays the whole time and script appears that you have to read. (The script stays up long enough for even slow readers, so you don’t have rush through each read.) It is well worth the time to go through (5 min?) and worth forwarding.

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