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Michael Moore Wants Michelle Obama To Run In 2020

Michael Moore selfie

Filmmaker Michael Moore said former first lady Michelle Obama is the one person who could “crush” President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Moore urged Obama to run for president on MSNBC Wednesday evening following a presidential debate. “The only way to remove Trump is to crush Trump,” Moore said Wednesday. “And that’s the question that has to be asked. ...

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Michael Moore’s Broadway Show is Biggest Blimp Disaster Since the Hindenburg

The high-water mark of the resistance against the legitimately elected President of the United States may have been reached and now the tide is pulling out and pulling out quickly. The sheer intensity of the left’s collective temper tantrum after Hillary lost the election has truly been something to behold but at some point, it was bound to burn itself ...

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Judge Approves Warrant for Data from Anti-Trump Insurrectionist Website

The Justice Department has been trying to get information on the 1.3 million visitors to the extreme leftist website that encouraged rebellion during the weekend of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. In a victory against those who have been hiding behind the First Amendment to carry out acts of violence and sedition that have the objective of overthrowing the legitimately elected ...

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Michael Moore Claims He Warned Clinton Campaign to Spend More Time in Michigan

Obese leftist gadfly Michael Moore is everywhere these days as he continues to bolster his personal brand by attacking President Trump and building his motley army of “Resistance” screwballs. Normally it is wise to just discount anything that comes out of Moore’s mouth but comments that he made on the late-night circuit to host Stephen “cock holster” Colbert are notable ...

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Pack Your Bags Fatso: Michael Moore Refuses to Live in a Country Where Trump is President

Unhinged liberal propagandist and self-styled resistance leader Michael Moore continues his jihad against the legitimately elected President of the United States. One of the left’s biggest hypocrites (literally), the porcine Moore oozed into a chair on one of the sets of the late-night talk shows that have become the Democratic party’s useful tools to poison the minds of their armies ...

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Michael Moore Launches Self-Serving “TrumpiLeaks” Site

Michael Moore loser

The world’s worst documentary director, Michael Moore, announced Tuesday on HuffPost that he is starting a new whistleblower website aimed at deposing America’s sitting president – and serving his need for self-aggrandizement. “Today, I’m launching TrumpiLeaks,” the director of multiple failed documentaries wrote. “A site that will enable courageous whistleblowers to privately communicate with me and my team. Patriotic Americans in government, ...

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Mary Katherine Ham on Owen’s Widow: ‘Don’t Take That Away from Her’

Mary Katherine Hamm on Ryan Owens widow

Far-left extremist Michael Moore and Democrat apologist Bill Maher seem to think that President Trump had William ‘Ryan’ Owens’ widow at Tuesday’s address to a joint session of congress as a ‘prop’ – CNN’s Mary Katherine Hamm put both of them to shame in a segment on CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ on Wednesday. I don’t know Mrs. Owens but I was ...

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Democrat Dumpster Fire Burns Brightly After DeVos Debacle

You have to hand it to the Democrats, like the Atlanta Falcons they have few equals when it comes to losing ugly. Senate Dems dug in and hoped for a big victory that would turn the tide against the hated President Donald Trump but once again came up short as Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the new Secretary of Education. ...

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Heads Up To Michael Moore: We Just Want Constitutional Governance Back


Recently Michael Moore said that when conservatives/Republicans vote for Donald Trump, that they are, with that action, giving a “giant f**k you” to elites. But he’s using his own motivations and tendencies to determine how and why conservatives are favoring Trump, and he couldn’t be more mistaken. Although the notion of giving a big, wet, Bronx cheer to the Republican ...

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Michael Moore Makes the Case for a Trump Win [yes, really]


Granted, it’s just a four-minute excerpt from a speech that Michael Moore gave while introducing his “Trumpland” film – which has failed already low expectations – but those four minutes, should they go viral, could turn the election FOR TRUMP. Moore outlines why Trump is so popular with the normally-disregarded, taken-for-granted, discarded and otherwise f#@!d-over: Donald Trump came to the ...

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Seen it All Now: Michael Moore Supports the Second Amendment .. or something

Has the rabid progressive Michael Moore hit his head? Is he suddenly understanding the true purpose of the second amendment? Not likely, but still fun to watch! Next demand: Disarm the police. We have a 1/4 billion 2nd amendment guns in our homes 4 protection. We'll survive til the right cops r hired — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) April 30, 2015 ...

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How Far Will the Left Go? Pretty Darn Far.

So, this last week we’ve seen a young adult talking about her ‘first time’, an ad filled with sexual innuendo and references; followed by younger children with sad little faces and drawn mouths singing wanly about the wanton destruction of the country due to their parents’ foolish votes for republicans and now this: MoveOn.org has teamed up with Michael Moore ...

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