Michael Moore Claims He Warned Clinton Campaign to Spend More Time in Michigan

Obese leftist gadfly Michael Moore is everywhere these days as he continues to bolster his personal brand by attacking President Trump and building his motley army of “Resistance” screwballs.

Normally it is wise to just discount anything that comes out of Moore’s mouth but comments that he made on the late-night circuit to host Stephen “cock holster” Colbert are notable in that for once, they just might be true.

During his Monday appearance on “The Late Show”, Moore claimed that he personally contacted the Hillary Clinton campaign to tell them that she needed to spend more time in Michigan or risk losing the state and the election.

He also accurately predicted that it was her failure to do so that would result in Trump winning the election that he has been tirelessly working to reverse ever since.

Via The Hill “Michael Moore on Trump prediction: ‘I’ve never wanted to be more wrong in my life’”:

Filmmaker Michael Moore in a Monday appearance on “The Late Show” said he wished he had been wrong about his prediction that Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election.

“No, I’ve never wanted to be more wrong in my life,” Moore told host Stephen Colbert, who congratulated him on successfully calling the Election Day upset.

“Well, I live in Michigan, and so, right, I was trying to warn the rest of the country out here. People who voted for [former President] Obama were telling me they were going to vote for him.”

Moore, who before the election detailed five reasons why Trump would win in a post on his website, said he contacted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign and urged her team to spend more time in the four key swing states Trump ultimately won.

While we must remember that this is Michael Moore who is an overflowing bucket of bullshit, it may just be that he is telling the truth on this one considering his roots in the Great Lakes State.

Back in the old days, Moore was a struggling filmmaker who promoted his regular guy from working class Michigan shtick and managed to break through with the 1980’s documentary “Roger and Me” which dealt with the plight of his hometown Flint.

While Moore went on to great wealth and even greater moral degeneracy, there was something good about that movie which was one of the first to really examine the destruction of the middle class as CEO’s like General Motors Roger Smith began an endless race to the bottom of factory closures and the elimination of jobs.

This was before NAFTA and believe it or not, Moore actually did some work on behalf of the little guy instead of the high-rolling liberals, one of which he would later become after making his own fortune.

Now that the 21st Century and advances in computer and communications technology have allowed corporations to offshore even more jobs (technical and office spots) and continue to screw Americans over in favor of the bottom line, it is hard to believe that Moore circa 2017 once stood in opposition to that sort of labor arbitrage. Offshoring has become the equivalent of crack cocaine to American CEO’s who just want another hit off of the glass pipe as jobs continue to be shipped to low-cost labor meccas at the expense of domestic workers.

It was Clinton’s incredible arrogance that she believed that she could sneer down at the white working class in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio that cost her the election. That won’t be the tale that the lying bitch will tell in her upcoming book What Happened? but that is exactly what happened.

Anyone could see that Bernie Sanders was appealing to the exact type of voters that Queen Hillary shat upon to pander to wealthy homosexuals, Hispanic and black entertainment stars and feminists in the hope that she could win based solely on the identity group vote. You would have to have been a complete idiot to NOT see it but then we are talking about one of the most incompetently run campaigns in the annals of American politics. Hey, when you have Robby Mook and John Podesta running the show you deserve to lose.

Once the DNC put old Bernie out of his misery and Hillary become more of a strident demagogue with no economic message, Trump was then able to appeal to those exact voters and demolish the fabled “Blue Wall” which sealed Hillary’s defeat.

As for Moore, as the saying goes “even a broken clock is right twice a day” even though it is still broken.

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