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Mary Katherine Ham on Owen’s Widow: ‘Don’t Take That Away from Her’

Far-left extremist Michael Moore and Democrat apologist Bill Maher seem to think that President Trump had William ‘Ryan’ Owens’ widow at Tuesday’s address to a joint session of congress as a ‘prop’ – CNN’s Mary Katherine Hamm put both of them to shame in a segment on CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ on Wednesday.

I don’t know Mrs. Owens but I was bothered by the suggestion that she was only a political prop or she was only exploited. And it seemed to take away the agency from this obviously very tough woman. I know many families of the fallen. I know she and her family know the price of freedom more than I ever will. I was also widowed in 2015. He was not military, but I have two young children. She was there of her own volition. She made a decision and she very well may have been there because she knew she would stand up and her husband, a hero, would get a hero’s standing ovation, that the entire nation would know his name, that the president would be honoring him and the entire Congress and years from now she can show that to her children, as it should be. And so I don’t want to take that away from her when we discuss this. Yes, it’s a Washington event, but let ourselves have that moment, let yourself have that moment, because it was really human, whether or not there were politicians involved. It was beautiful.

If you dare, here are Maher and Michael Moore politicizing the most emotional scene from Tuesday’s address.

Bill Maher calls Ryan Owens’ widow “a prop”

Michael Moore says Ryan Owens’ widow was a kind of “an F-you”

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