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Using the Rear-view Mirror to go Forward?

   If anyone drives an auto, it doesn’t take long to learn the rearview mirror is used intermittently to only see what’s behind us – not constantly to see where we are going. Instead, while driving we pay more attention to what’s in front of us to arrive safely at our destination. Likewise, we don’t recommend going through life walking ...

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Democrat Lies Are About to Destroy Their Party


   If Don Meredith were still announcing NFL football and began a conversation about the Democrat Party, wouldn’t he have to repeat his famous words… “Turn Out the Lights (The Party’s Over)” by Gene Watson and originally recorded by Willie Nelson? Rumors have it the Democrat Party headquarters has already posted a note on their door saying: “The last one ...

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What Is the Real Agenda Behind Lying Democrats?

Even most colleges still utilize numeric values to recognize intelligence achievements such as English 101, English 201, English 301, etc. In other words, one must complete level 101 before being accepted in any higher classes. However, the system today is different. If you are a liberal Democrat or an undergraduate student that can’t add 2+2 but openly hates President Trump, ...

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A Wake–up Call for Snooze Alarm Conservatives

‘The Hunt’ has hit a shunt and count me among the deeply disappointed. The Hollywood Reporter informs us, “Universal has decided to scrap the release of ‘The Hunt’ — an R-rated satire in which elites hunt “deplorables” for sport — following a series of mass shootings across the country.” Many conservative commentators hail this as a victory. Take that, Hollywood ...

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If the FBI Shut Down the KKK Once, Can’t They Do It Again?

Has anyone else had enough of the insane threats, accusations, intimidation, hate speech, stabbings, drive-bys, and shootings? How much more senseless harm and blood must be shed before the FBI does something? When ‘hate crime’ legislation was passed by Congress, they assured Americans this would end hatred in America, or else. Instead, many say they have never seen it this ...

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Democrats, Media, and Hollywood Must Receive Immediate Intervention

Illegal aliens with children

When anyone’s statements, actions, and speeches threaten the lives and safety of millions of innocent American citizens, we must take them seriously. Fringe groups have formed by Democrats to physically attack property and innocent people falsely believe they are following legitimate orders. The single thread running through all the Democrat hatred centers around President Trump. However, when we investigate this ...

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Democrats + Media = One Big Lie

Media Well Done - A.F. Branco

  How many times have you heard the comment, “US Media is dead and/or irrelevant?” Well, after the Ohio and Texas mass shootings, no sane person will ever have to wonder about Democrat + Media insanity. It is now disgustingly on display for the world to see. What remains shocking is they act like their insanity is reality. Meanwhile, it ...

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OMG! President Trump Just Said, “God bless you!”

Unlike Russia Collusion, Stormy Daniels, Muslim Ban, US Mexico Crisis, and Mueller Report, this is the big one! This racist, sexist, homophobe outburst must spell the end of President Trump’s reign, right? After contacting the Mueller special counsel attorneys, it was a unanimous agreement President Trump has now gone too far and has violated US Statute 137b1cd&e. Interestingly, they pointed ...

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Liberals Just Can’t Pull Their Heads Out!

Will Liberals ever pull their heads out to smell the roses? What? Could this be an unfitting insensitive question? Instead of heads exploding, please calmly pause for a moment and ask, “When was the last time you saw a Liberal smiling or laughing?” Isn’t that a prime example of dysfunction? Shouldn’t that be diagnosed as a severe attitudinal disease or ...

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I Now Believe in Man-Made Climate Science

Yes, I’ll have to admit I have been “one” of those climate deniers for all these many years. Only after I finally witnessed a human being causing changes in temperatures did I finally come around to an understanding of such ludicrous religious science. I must now admit watching our President create a perfect storm is a day I will never ...

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How Stupid Can You Get?

Asking some people, “How stupid can you get,” may create many conversations. Does anyone remember when parents taught their children, “better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt?” Unfortunately, it’s not any longer just children making fools of themselves. Nope, in today’s ‘enlightened’ elite Ivy League college educated societies, it’s adults! Of course, they should ...

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Is the Democrat Slave Reparations Legislation Legit?

Should anyone be upset over any legitimate bi-partisan legislative proposal? Isn’t that the American way? That’s why our wise forefathers gave us our system of “checks and balances,” right? That’s why Americans revolt when legislators attempt to “ram” unpopular legislation down our throats that harm our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By checking these three boxes ...

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Where Do Dems Go from Here?

In case anyone missed the 2020 Trump/Pence kick-off in Florida, the only thing to understand is it was the most successful Presidential kick-off in the history of America. Democrat Socialism was addressed and destroyed by a Political neophyte! After being taken to the woodshed, it is appropriate to ask, “Where will Dems go to lick their wounds and develop a ...

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Where Does President Trump Go from Here?

Did anyone see the President Trump 2020 kick off rally? Did you notice the obvious sadness and disgust – some would even say the disappointment and tears began before President Trump took to the podium. For some it was a very sad and disappointing day and those Democrat Socialists will now mount a counterattack. They’ll need to get their partners ...

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