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What Does It Take to be a Democrat, Today?

Ever thought about what it must be like to join the Democrat Party or their mainstream media partners? Would there be initial questions like…

  1. Are you anti-God?
  2. Are you anti-America?
  3. Are you anti-US Constitution?
  4. Are you anti-American?
  5. Are you anti-US Flag?

If you can swallow hard and pass this oral phase of your application, then wouldn’t you have to affirm in writing that you can…

  • willingly fight Godliness and goodness?
  • hate and demean America and Americans?
  • hate, demean, and destroy US law enforcement personnel?
  • hate, demean, and destroy the US Military?
  • force Blacks to remain on Democrat Plantations – the government teat?
  • divide America into segregated groups?
  • constantly lie and never regret it?
  • favor illegal aliens over US Citizens?
  • avoid, demean, and disparage truth and fact?
  • promote Socialism, Communism, and Satanism?
  • always demand more money and power?
  • feel good about murdering babies?
  • feel good about allowing illegals to enter America to murder, rape, and commit heinous crimes?
  • support child sex trafficking?
  • support the destruction of education?
  • support the destruction of the US economy?
  • support Mexican crime cartels?
  • support illegal drugs and the death of thousands of American youth?
  • denounce opposition even with physical violence?
  • fight to destroy the US Constitution?
  • promote deviant sexual activities?
  • fight to rig all US elections?
  • destroy the Electoral College?
  • promote and produce fake news?
  • encourage disobedience to law and order?
  • support the DC SWAMP or unelected government employees?
  • support the KKK, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter?

Does it shock anyone that Americans belong and pledge loyalties to this Democrat Party? When around Democrats, do you ever feel the need for a shower?

When one inspects all that is involved in being a Democrat, it’s no wonder so many people ask, “How can anyone be a Democrat?”

Today, we are finally being able to shine light on the Democrat Party activities to learn how very sickening their lives and goals truly are. It’s like discovering a neighbor is a vampire, right?

Has anyone noticed the Democrat Party’s entire purpose is focused upon the destruction of American citizens and America in favor of their lusts for power, money, and Socialism?

The problem with their love for Socialism is it is an ideology that’s never been successful. Does anyone believe these Democrat brainiac’s don’t know this, too?

So, if we dig deeper into the Democrat Party’s efforts, shouldn’t we wonder if an enemy country isn’t behind their efforts? They obviously have given up on American votes.

Does anyone doubt China and Russia wouldn’t love to take over America via the ballot box instead of war? Please consider Hong Kong and Crimea.

If tyrannical governments are not behind the Democrats, then what’s the reason behind their attempt to demean Americans and America? It doesn’t make sense to say they hate America, so please vote for me!

Since fact and truth are antithetical to Democrats, why wouldn’t any foreign enemy not want to get involved and support them? These countries would then have a local propaganda machine and no need to worry about any repercussions, right?

A foreign enemy would also recognize that whatever Democrats promote will be regurgitated by their media sycophants. Repeat it enough times and soon people believe it – even it comes to war loyalties would be minimized!

Does anyone recall the former Russian tyrannical leader, Nikita Khrushchev, and what he promised about Russia’s relationship with America?

Confusing and destroying foreign governments is Russia’s primary specialty all around the world. Who do you think was behind the Trump/Russia Democrat Party collusion hoax?

Has anyone heard how many millions Russia spent on this major bust? We do know the Democrats and Clintons spent many millions on this hoax. Russia can’t be happy about this outcome!

Like most tyrannical leaders, would anyone believe the Russian Commissar Vladimir Putin would sluff off or forgive such a massive financial loss?

Consider Russia’s steps before the 2016 elections cementing a deal with Hillary Clinton and President Obama to obtain enough raw material to increase their nuclear arsenal 10-fold!

Are we supposed to believe this was clearly incidental or routine? Does anyone believe any enemy of the US routinely negotiates a deal to increase their nuclear arsenal?

By monitoring the Democrat Party presidential hopefuls, doesn’t their insane speeches and proposals express everything we would expect to hear from Putin, Khrushchev, Hitler, or Stalin?

Okay, it could be possible to have China or the EU pulling their strings, as well. They too make no bones about their desires to destroy or make America subservient to their needs.

Is attempting to destroy America’s economy just another coincidence? Wouldn’t anyone agree these are far too dangerous promotions to overlook or have Americans become apathetic?

The bigger point is it’s too late and illogical for Democrats to suddenly present themselves as pro-America. That’s why they have no positive message to get Americans to vote ‘for’ them instead of against Republicans.

The result means it is disastrous for America and we all lose. America is at its best with at least two competing political parties.

Debate is a good thing and provides many more options to resolve issues than only one party with a single idea. Safe spaces are not the answer.

Thus, the big challenge for the Democrat Party is succumbing to a foreign government or replace party leadership with a pro-American movement? Let’s all pray for the latter choice!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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