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Are Media Outlets Democrat Party Domestic Terrorists?

   Most Americans love and devote their efforts toward improving America. But, I have never read or heard as many bogus stories and out-right lies at any time during my lifetime, until now. It’s insanity!

No longer any doubt why President Trump routinely yells, “Fake news!” We see many stories unintentionally misrepresented, but I have never seen so many ‘planted’ (fake) stories.

This is the new Democrat Party and accomplices support system developed to change votes on behalf of one candidate – generally a Democrat, over another – generally a Republican. It’s a very sad thing for citizens that loves America.

Can you imagine how many Americans fought and died so citizens can vote? Voting is a sacred honor not a blood sport, right? Falsifying or voting fraud must be a national emergency.

Imagine the dismay discovering there are no lengthy trails on the Internet about all the accomplishments of the Republican Party led by President Trump. How can this be?

Shouldn’t we believe if Democrats had accomplished 1/4th as much as President Trump, the Internet would be wall to wall Democrat achievements? Just think what miracles he has done for minorities, the poor, business, savings, elderly, and the forgotten Americans!

Excluding Satan, I believe goodness can be found in almost anyone. Even President Obama had some good points, right? Shouldn’t everyone try to find more good than bad in the world?

Now, that’s not to suggest a little good, excuses or diminishes evil. It doesn’t! However, as Christians, we are mandated to search for the good in all things…

Philippians 4:9-11 Those things, which ye have learned, received, heard, and seen in me, do (live your lives as unto the Lord): and the God of peace (the giver of a relaxed mental attitude about everything) shall be with you. But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at the last (once again renewed) your care of me hath flourished again; wherein ye were also careful (concerned), but ye lacked opportunity. Not that I speak in respect of want (in need): for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content (accept and give thanks to God).

1 Corinthians 2-9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things (millions of blessings) which God hath prepared for them that love him.

Anyone in charge of newsrooms, search engines, or whatever that are so vicious and can’t report anything decent, must find a more meaningful career! Insanity can’t be tolerated or elevated!

Failure to present the ‘whole’ story or slant the facts is not an acceptable profession. That’s called a propagandist and that’s what is done in Communist and Socialist countries where Tyrants rule.

What would you call a law enforcement officer that arrests someone at midnight, explaining they “think” you just robbed a bank? That’s not a professional but a member of a gulag, right?

Professionals are always separated from non-professionals by the way we think and act. Any degree either left or right from our course creates contentions. Professional careers have been ended instantly by getting off course.

America must forever remain strong and there is only one possible solution and that is to reelect President Trump. Next, we must come together to destroy domestic terrorism starting with media outlets, internet companies, and Democrat Socialism.

Please pray for America’s protection!

1 John 2:15-17 Love not the world (things, earthliness), neither the things that are in the world (even riches). If any man love the world (more than God), the love of the Father is not in him (we can’t make anything more important than God). For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride (positions) of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world (Satan is the ruler of the earth). And the world passeth away (will be destroyed by God), and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever (has eternal life and blessings).

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. The DNC and it’s party members care nothing for you or your country. Democrat party members care about the power to oversee the dispensing of 6 trillion dollars of tax payer assets annually and making themselves wealthy. They will say and do anything as demonstrated by current events. When one listens to the candidate field , their motives are self evident, say anything, do anything but get elected. Dangerous stuff for the future our children are facing with democrats about.

    1. LIEberals have tilted so far left they are about to fall over. Power is their drug of choice and since they no longer have power they are in severe withdrawals. Those fools who support or aid these Leftopathic clowns are signing their own death warrant!!!

      LIEberal Democrats are power hungry morons without power. In order for them to create the illusion of having power they need to amass themselves to maintain the appearance of strength. This insipid and misguided left wing politically correct idiot-ology is playing with fire by people who don’t know that fire is hot!!

      Some of them might realize this yet cannot help themselves because they are in need of their drug and much the same as any addict, will do anything and at any cost to satisfy their cravings!! If it weren’t so sad it would be comical. No wait it is nothing close to being sad in fact it’s a Hilarious relief for they are about to go the way of the Do-Do or Henry Clay’s Whig Party!!!

  2. For 10 righteous persons in Sodom and Gomorra God would have spared those cities (people who say God will owe S & D an apology if He doesn’t destroy America forget that Principle of his Mercy). As bad as all of this is I see the Hand of God drawing His people back to Him. In all of this, THAT is the TRUE meaning. When they revile you and persecute you rejoice for your redemption is near.

    All of this – All of it – is about God, in His merciful way SPARING the United States from destruction. This Nation has been an instrument of His Goodness operating in the world. It is yet capable of that again. He told His people, return to Me and I will heal your land. It is Godly to love your country when it is good and to cry for mercy when it turns from goodness to evil!

    How “bad” must it get before men of this Nation once again calls upon Him as Father? In the last days it says all these things came upon them and still they did not repent….

    Let him who has ears – HEAR!!

    1. Deep State Leftopathic Political Correctness has nearly succeeded where our enemies have failed. Abraham Lincoln said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” We have the Deep State to thank for that (actually the voters who elected and support those traitors) But it is my belief I believe that Americans being resilient as we are will wake up and come to their senses before we completely lose everything we sacrificed for!

      There is a war being waged on our republic, the players of the coup/putsch need to remove any and all who might expose the truth about the Deep State’s involvement to destroy our once proud republic.

      IF YOU EVER DOUBTED THAT A CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY EXISTS proof is in the actions of the super rich tech companies are part of the conspiracy.

      Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg et al don’t want Socialism or Communism, they want Fascism. The only difference between Communism & Fascism can be seen in China, presently a Fascist state. Fascist states are Marxist based with the understanding that some private entities are far better suited to run various industries than a government bureaucracy, which typically lacks the talent to run a good business and they need Tech to be controlled and properly run. Hitler & Mussolini both knew this, Lenin & Stalin did not, China learned.

      Ronald Reagan once said “if we ever forget that we are one nation under God we will become a nation gone under”

      B☭r☭ck Hus☭in Øb☭m☭ said; “for whatever we once were we are no longer a Christian nation”

      That is how Democrats think – Let that sink in

  3. Thanks for these comments and know it is great to have readers able to grasp what is happening in America and be spot on with responses.

    America must awaken and act to take back this great nation and move it forward. With President Trump leading, we have never had a better chance.

    Please pray for him and his families.


  4. It’s you we should thank. Even Christians get wrapped up in their own lives and need to be ‘nudged’ to take time to share their beliefs and openly pray….After all, we only have these freedoms because our Father’s son Blessed us with this great Nation…..and we now must show we deserve it…..Just as Jesus drove the merchants out of the temple, we must unite and drive out the swamp creatures.

    Some say it will take a miracle to stop this madness….Miracles have happened to me, Wouldn’t it be something to be among those used to help make our beloved country whole? !!!

    Each and everyone has something to offer….as they say….every little bit helps. Being active may be a simple as exchanging ideas with a neighbor or friend, making afew phone calls or writing letters….and, of course…praying for our Country.

    By the way 1 John 2 is a fav.

    thanks again

    Each and everyo

  5. To: Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader Schumer, and your minions,
    Guns are not the problem. The problem is identity politics and the incessant drumbeat of hate-fueled speech that have poisoned and inflamed America. Most of this comes from “progressives” and ultra liberals who are aided by the news media, but, and this is a big but, it is also allowed and tacitly encouraged by people in power who lack the backbone to resist the hyperbolic onslaught against guns that has been going on for years.
    Among all of you who advocate for more gun control, is there one of you who can present credible statistics that show that gun control measures have made us safer? You cannot because the statistics are otherwise. Also, name the laws that have successfully kept guns away from criminals: tell us about Chicago, e.g.
    It is way past time for you to stop dividing America. We are fed up with your self-centered politicking. If you put America and Americans first, our government will work better and our people will benefit.
    My closing remark to you is this: until you can work together to solve America’s challenges, then shut up and get to work until you can better serve our nation. Americans are tired of being jerked around by malevolent maladroits!
    John Lucas
    Buttonwillow, CA
    Cc: POTUS, certain members of Congress, News Media, et al.

  6. Hi John,

    Thanks for the ‘spot on’ response.

    My most recent posts concerning the nullification of gun laws may be of interests.

    Guns are our friends – not enemies.


  7. Hi Giebel,

    My latest article may shed additional light on this topic.

    Thanks for taking the time to support our goal of making guns our friends – not enemies.


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