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Irma track Catastrophic for Florida – new evacuation orders – 11pm Update

Latest on Irma Current Position and Track Strength, Movement Computer Models Storm Surge Map U.S. Impacts Watches/Warnings What to expect When to expect it The newest National Weather Service forecast predicts catastrophic track for Hurricane Irma so Florida and Georgia have issued new evacuation orders for certain areas of those states. This is an outdated post, but you can follow ...

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ACLU Furious That Florida Sheriff Won’t Allow Sex Offenders in Hurricane Shelters

As the monstrous 180-mph death storm Hurricane Irma continues to churn towards Florida, the ACLU has its panties in a bunch over the words of one county sheriff who is doing his duty to protect the citizens. Polk County – which is east of Tampa – is prepared to open hurricane shelters but with a big caveat – no sex ...

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Irma Threatens Florida as Major Hurricane

Irma cone and track 9-5-17 1100

Irma, already a strong category five hurricane, is likely to strike several eastern Caribbean islands in the next 8 to 24 hours and continue on a track very likely to heavily impact Florida this weekend as a major Hurricane. Follow our latest Irma coverage HERE. 1100 AST (1500 UTC) Update from National Weather Service Location: 16.8 N, 58.4 W Strength: 180mph max sustained ...

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Florida Sheriff to Drug Dealers: We are coming for you

Lake County Drug Enforcement PSA

The Lake County Sheriff has a message for heroin traffickers in his jurisdiction and it’s pretty straight-forward. “Enjoy trying to sleep tonight wondering if tonight’s the night our SWAT team blows your front door of the hinges. We are coming for you.”

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Full Event: President Trump Rally in Melbourne, Florida 02-18-2017

donald trump rally

An over-capacity crowd saw President Donald Trump host a rally on Saturday, February 18th – the first such event since becoming President. It is estimated that over 9,000 people packed the hangar while another several thousand listened from outside. A few hundred protesters heckled supporters along the road to the rally, but dispersed once the event started. “Florida Today” put ...

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President Trump to Hold Rally in Melbourne Florida 02-18-2017

donald trump rally

For the first time since taking office, President Trump will hold another of his legendary rallies this weekend at a hangar at the Melbourne, Florida airport. The events were famous for huge crowds even in smaller towns. Trump held rallies to have closer interaction with his supporters which made him feel more approachable and less aloof than his Democratic party ...

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President Trump Speaks at 60th Annual Red Cross Gala

Donald Trump speech

President Donald Trump was expected to give a speech at the 60th annual Red Cross Gala in Palm Beach, Florida which was to be broadcast by the White House Press Office via stream. At the last moment, the WHPO made the stream private, but Trump did make an appearance and if video is released, we will have it. President Trump and the ...

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Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting – Lone Gunman Kills Five, Puts Eight in Hospital

Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International airport

One gunman began shooting people just before 1:00 pm Friday at a Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport baggage claim killing several and injuring 8 more. BREAKING: TSA: SECOND Active Shooter Now at Ft. Lauderdale Airport https://t.co/xWkwedgslx — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) January 6, 2017 Reports say that Esteban Santiago entered the terminal 2 baggage claim, pulled a gun out of his own checked ...

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