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Dana Loesch Blasts Sheriff’s For Doing ‘NOTHING’ To Prevent Parkland Shooting

Dana Loesch - CPAC 2017

  by Henry Rodgers NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch blasted the Broward County Sheriff’s Department for doing “nothing” to prevent the Parkland high school shooting Thursday. Loesch’s comments come after Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said a deputy was at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while gunman Nikolas Cruz was shooting but “never went in,” although the officer was aware the gunman was inside the ...

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Shooting Survivor: CNN wanted me to read their scripted material, refused my question [video]

CNN Media Bias Logo

CNN held a town hall Wednesday night to discuss the Parkland, Florida tragedy, but it wasn’t nearly as open and unbiased as the president’s listening session on the same topic. Colton Haab, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student,  said that CNN asked him if he’d like to pose a question at the town hall, but Colton decided not to after ...

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NBC tries, dishonestly, to remove mental illness as factor in school shootings

NBC Nightly News

NBC News published an article Saturday in which they used straw man arguments to remove mental illness as a factor in mass shootings – solidly claiming the throne as the #1 liberal propaganda outlet. In the article, they imply that because only a small percentage of homicides are committed by people diagnosed with a mental illness, there is no correlation ...

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More School Shootings, More Political Posturing

Once more we have witnessed the murders of school children, and once more we have seen the politicization of this horrific event. I can’t say which national political party politicizes events like the one in Florida, but it contains people of a leftist bent, much like the party of Bernie Sanders, whose dedicated follower shot Republicans assembled to play a ...

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Politicizing The Florida Shooting Too Soon?

“Every time one of these things happens we say enough is enough and then it happens again” —Senator Ben Nelson “You always think it can’t happen to you but it does” young high school girl who survived the Florida shooting. The smoke hadn’t even cleared yet and the names of the people killed weren’t even posted yet when the typical ...

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Watch: President Trump delivers address to the nation on Parkland, Florida tragedy [video + transcript]

Donald Trump speech

President Donald Trump addresses the nation Thursday morning on the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida that occurred Wednesday. Full Transcript THE PRESIDENT: My fellow Americans, today I speak to a nation in grief. Yesterday, a school filled with innocent children and caring teachers became the scene of terrible violence, hatred, and evil. Around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, police responded to reports ...

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Watch: President Donald Trump Rally – Pensacola, Florida 12/8/17

Donald Trump rally

President Donald Trump holds a “Make America Great Again” rally in Pensacola, Florida Friday evening. The rally is being held just across the border from Mobile, Alabama just four days before the U.S. Senate special election between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones is to be held. The rally is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. CST and gates will ...

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Trump to hold rally in Pensacola, Florida Friday, 12/8/17

donald trump rally

President Donald Trump will hold a “Make America Great Again” rally in Pensacola, Florida, close to the Alabama state line where Roy Moore is leading in his bid for a U.S. Senate seat. The rally is scheduled to take place on Friday, Dec. 8 at the Pensacola Bay Center. If you’ve never been to one of these gigantic events, you should ...

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Customer’s Amazon Order Contains a BONUS: 65 Pounds of Marijuana

Despite the leftist politics of its Trump hating CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon is still a great choice when you need something quick, cheap and don’t want to deal with the hassles of shopping at stores. In the case of an Orlando, FL customer, the order came with an unexpected bonus – 65 pounds of weed – that was inside the ...

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Nine-Year-Old Child Crushed After 325-Pound Adult Sits on Her as Punishment

In another one of those stories that show that truth is stranger than fiction, a Florida woman has been arrested for murdering her nine-year-old cousin by sitting on her. The death occurred when 64-year-old Veronica Green Posey – who is morbidly obese  – was in the process of disciplining 9-year-old Dericka Lindsay and decided that it would be a good ...

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Red Lobster Customer Makes Bomb Joke to Hostess, Guess WHAT She Brings Him

It’s inconceivable that someone could be so stupid as to go into a crowded restaurant and make a joke about the Taliban and a bomb in consideration of all of the carnage in Europe but that is exactly what a nitwit in Florida did. A 50-year-old man dropped by a local Red Lobster for a bite to eat and reportedly ...

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Irma 9 am Update – Tropical Storm – 5.1 million without power

Irma cone and track 9-11 0500

Latest on Irma Current Position and Track Strength, Movement Storm Surge Map Watches/Warnings What to expect When to expect it The latest update on Hurricane Irma shows the storm striking continuing through northern Florida as a category one storm. More than 5.1 million are without power in Florida and Georgia. This is the most up to date story on Irma ...

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Irma: Cat 2 – Headed St. Pete – 3 million without power – 8 pm Update

Irma GOES-16 2115z

Latest on Irma Current Position and Track Strength, Movement Storm Surge Map U.S. Impacts Watches/Warnings What to expect When to expect it This article is OUTDATED –  see all of our Irma coverage HERE. The latest update on Hurricane Irma shows the storm striking the Tampa Bay area in the early hours Monday where the National Weather Service says they should ...

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Irma: CAT 4 – Again! ; 200,000 without Power – 2am Update

Irma GOES-16 9-10 0z

Latest on Irma Current Position and Track Strength, Movement Computer Models Storm Surge Map U.S. Impacts Watches/Warnings What to expect When to expect it The latest update on Hurricane Irma shows the storm moving more west than had been forecast, but the storm is strengthening. As Irma approaches the Florida coast, almost 200,000 people are without power according to Florida ...

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