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Enterprise Rent-a-Car doesn’t want NRA members as customers anymore

Enterprise Rent-a-car logo

Enterprise Holdings  Inc., the parent company of rental car companies Enterprise, Alamo and National, announced late Thursday that it was discontinuing its NRA member offers within weeks. “All three of our brands have ended the discount for NRA members,” the company said in a tweet. ” This change will be effective March 26. Thank you again for reaching out.” Thank you ...

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Who’s Behind The ‘Grassroots’ Anti-NRA Campaign?

NONRAMoney tshirt

  by Andrew Kerr Not all is as it seems at the organization behind a nationwide grassroots movement that seeks to make the National Rifle Association “politically radioactive.” Within 24 hours of last Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 dead, gun control activists had concocted No NRA Money, an organization behind a national grassroots pledge campaign ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Not A Single Lawyer Known To Work For Mueller Is A Republican

  by David Sivak None of the 16 lawyers known to work for special counsel Robert Mueller are registered Republicans There are 13 registered Democrats on the investigation and three lawyers with no party affiliation Campaign finance records reveal that 11 lawyers are Democratic donors None of the 16 publicly-confirmed lawyers on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team are registered Republicans, The ...

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Shooting Survivor: CNN wanted me to read their scripted material, refused my question [video]

CNN Broken News

CNN held a town hall Wednesday night to discuss the Parkland, Florida tragedy, but it wasn’t nearly as open and unbiased as the president’s listening session on the same topic. Colton Haab, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student,  said that CNN asked him if he’d like to pose a question at the town hall, but Colton decided not to after ...

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