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Dominoes: Another Democrat Will Vote Against Partisan Impeachment Effort

We have confirmation that another Democrat will vote against the sham impeachment effort being pushed by far-left extremists in Congress. During an appearance Saturday before dairy producers in west central Minnesota, Rep. Collin Peterson said unless he hears something to change his mind, he will not vote to impeach President Trump on Wednesday. This comes shortly after a New Jersey ...

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Report: New Jersey Democrat, Rep. Van Drew, Switching Party After Partisan Impeachment Sham

New Jersey Democratic Rep. Jefferson Van Drew (NJ-2), will reportedly be switching to the Republican party due to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, and Rep. Jerry Nadler’s unconstitutional attempt to unseat a sitting president. (Related: Clickable Contact List for Trump-District Democrats – Urgent Action Required) According to several high-level sources with ties to Van Drew who spoke on the ...

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Clickable Contact List for Trump-District Democrats – Urgent Action Required

Speaker Pelosi and her cohorts, Rep. Nadler and Rep. Schiff are attempting to cancel the votes of millions of Americans. It’s time to let the vulnerable, Trump-district Democrats know that unless they vote against the sham impeachment next week, we will unseat them the right way – at the ballot box. Trump-District Democrats Clickable Phone & Twitter Contact List (courtesy: ...

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Fishy: DOJ Refuses To Release Records On Imran Awan, Citing ‘Technical Difficulties’ And A Secret Case

Judicial Watch sued the Department of Justice for records about former Democratic cybersecurity aide Imran Awan in order to square evidence of wrongdoing with prosecutors’ decision not to charge malpractices on Capitol Hill. The DOJ said it could not produce records under FOIA because of “technical difficulties,” then said it was actually because of a secret case it had not ...

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Another Trump District Democrat Ripped By Constituents Over Impeachment: ‘If She Votes For Impeachment, She’s Screwed’

Constituents ripped Democratic Oklahoma Rep. Kendra Horn on Sunday, saying Democrats focus too much on impeachment and too little on improving the lives of Americans. Horn, who represents most of Oklahoma, Pottawatomie and Seminole counties, spoke at a Sunday town hall meeting where voters angrily questioned her on why she continues to focus on impeachment. President Donald Trump won Horn’s ...

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Jerry Nadler Said In 2018 That A ‘Partisan Impeachment’ Would ‘Tear The Country Apart’ — Now He’s Overseeing A One-Party Impeachment Push

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler repeatedly said in 2018 that bipartisan support was a prerequisite for impeaching President Donald Trump. But the New York Democrat is now guiding through his committee two articles of impeachment that have no meaningful support from either Republicans in Congress or Republican voters. “If you’re serious about impeaching a president, it cannot and should not ...

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Meet The ‘Conservative Squad’ Aiming To Take Down Ocasio-Cortez And The ‘Do-Nothing Democrats’

A “conservative squad” has formed to take on Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad,” and the four spoke on “Fox & Friends” Thursday about their fight. The newest squad for conservatives is made up of Alabama congressional candidate Jessica Taylor, Minnesota congressional candidate Michelle Fischbach, South Carolina congressional candidate Nancy Mace and Texas congressional candidate Beth Van ...

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Instead Of Airing Sen. Graham’s Opening Statement On FISA Abuse, CNN Informed Its Viewers About Airplanes

CNN Media Bias Logo

CNN failed to air Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham’s opening statements live about the upcoming IG report testimony, instead informing viewers about airplanes. Justice Department Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz is testifying Wednesday about the report, which found the FBI made 17 significant errors and omissions. These occurred when the bureau applied for warrants to spy on a former ...

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‘Are You People Insane?’: CNN’s Don Lemon Melts Down Over Trump Meme

CNN’s Don Lemon melted down on “Don Lemon Tonight” over a meme President Donald Trump’s campaign posted Tuesday. The meme shows the president superimposed as Thanos, a fictional character from the “Avengers” movies. Trump is “snapping” a number of Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, into oblivion. Lemon appeared shocked by what he referred to as a “stupid, juvenile meme ...

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Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want the Impeachment and Removal of Trump

A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday shows that a majority of voters oppose impeaching and removing President Donald Trump from office. The poll shows that registered voters oppose removing the president from office by a 51-45 margin. Independents opposed impeaching and removing Trump by a 52-44 margin, Quinnipiac’s poll found. The positive poll for Trump came out the same day ...

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