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Watch: First 2020 Presidential Debate – 9/29/20

As the network and cable news outlets intend to spin Tuesday’s debate to meet their narratives, I’m hoping this live stream of the event will serve as a fairer presentation. We’ll have to see.

Either way, at least watching this way doesn’t bolster network ratings and feed them advertising dollars. No sense rewarding their bias.

The live stream is set to begin at 9:00 pm. EDT.

Live Streams of First 2020 President Debate

Donald J Trump


If you absolutely, positively, must have pre-debate coverage, at least this won’t support the liberal media.

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One Comment

  1. Folks, last nights debate was a falsification. That is my impression. The Biden campaign refused a drug test and ear inspection for the “show”. If they didn’t have anything to hide why would they refuse?

    By all appearances the Left has dreaded such a confrontation between Trump and Biden. And Yet they could not, NOT debate. So what do they do? It is astonishing how inventive they are at indulging in evil and deceit! THEY CHEAT!! Was Biden on a stimulus drug? We were not allowed to know. Apparently everyone allowed into the auditorium was tested for the common cold (aka covid-19). They had time to do that – but drug test? Ear inspection? No, they were not going to do that.

    We don’t think like they do because we see things in terms of true or false. But they ALWAYS seek to hide what they do because if we know what they’re doing they would FAIL every time. They reject the Truth. To them it doesn’t matter how you win so long as you win. ANY means in the name of the results is justified.

    So we don’t know WHO was really on stage with Trump. Biden’s carcass was there but where was Joe Biden? That’s the first feature of this hoodwink. But it wasn’t the only feature.

    Just how many people were debating Trump? There was some facsimile believed to be Joe Biden but there was also – quite obviously – Chris Wallace; a bought and paid for LEFTIST Shill. Let us not forget; the Spin of all that the Left does in regards to Trump is to MAKE TRUMP LOOK BAD!! Period. They cannot make their communist Ideas good enough to defeat him! So he must take a fall. Isn’t it obvious? Nor do they leave anything to chance. It wasn’t enough that Joe had a plug in his ear and he was doped up. They insured the plan by putting a third party they can count on to divide Trumps attention. I never saw Chris really call out Joe for “breaking” the rules as he did Trump! Trump Bad. Joe Good. Joe play by rules (never mind all the LIES – BLATANT LIES – that came out of his mouth; the Truth doesn’t matter).

    Here is the little gem we all can take from this; If Joe “wins” in November and survives for 4 years we will not know who the actual president is – We will only have this animated PUPPET!

    Joe started LYING right from the beginning. As far as I’m concerned whatever Donald did after that was JUSTIFIED!! Two liars on stage; two leftist Communists against a man who has America first in mind (the communists always have and always WILL hate America). Trump broke no Rules – because there were no rules.

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