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Don’t Fail American History-Take an American History Quiz Fast from MagiQuiz!

History Does NOT Have to Be Boring! Let’s face it. When it comes to American History, Americans get a pretty bad rap. After all, according to MagiQuiz, 77% of Americans FAIL their American History Quiz. Ouch! Well, luckily, MagiQuiz’s American History quizzes are here to change all of that. Whether American History was your favorite subject in school, or the ...

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3 Difficulties That Block the Improvement of Education

The education sector experiences a myriad of difficulties, making improvement quite tricky. Although every new government usually promises to tackle all these challenges and improve the standards of education, this has never been achieved. Instead, the problems seem to grow by each successive government. The main challenge is that no one seems to pay attention to the need to first ...

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Repairing of Credit Score and its Importance

A credit score will affect life in various ways of any person who has been looking for a loan or for credits or for a mortgage. For more interest rates, a low credit score will cost more. Why it is vital to use the information as a tool to assist to take decision and understanding what the credit score is. ...

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2019 Guide on Buying a property in Canada

Starting the journey to buying your first home can be a daunting task. It can both overwhelming and stressful for anyone involved. However, with proper planning, you’ll be able to purchase the property of your choice. To help keep you on the right track, we’ve put together this guide that will help you get one step closer to buying on ...

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Top 3 Most Requested Plastic Surgery Procedures

What is Plastic Surgery? Plastic surgery is one of mankind’s most clever ways to beat the effects of nature and time. Everyone ages, no matter what your ethnicity or life stress levels may be. Apparently, this is something that the universe just decided necessary for whatever purpose. Well, our societal values and perceptions are changing for better or for worse ...

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Risks of Revision Rhinoplasty

When you are planning on having the revision rhinoplasty, there are several things that you will need to think about. One of the main things will be some of the risks that are involved in this type of procedure. Therefore, you want to make sure that the surgeon clearly discusses all of the different risks with you before surgery. Dr. ...

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Writing a Literature Review

As a scholastic author, you are anticipated to provide an analytical overview of the considerable literature released on your subject. If your audience understands less than you do on the topic, your purpose is instructional. If the audience understands more than you do, your function is to demonstrate familiarity, know-how, and intelligence with the topic. In your review of literature ...

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What Do Engineering and Chicken Sandwiches Have in Common?

It might sound like a silly question, but what do engineering (specifically marine engineering) and chicken sandwiches have in common? More than you’d think actually. Whether you’re a marine engineering firm in Singapore offering your services on boilers and dry dock repairs, or a fast food restaurant based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in chicken sandwiches, you’re in business to make ...

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