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Glencore’s Secret Ties With Kazakh Billionaire Utemuratov

Glencore, the world’s largest commodities trader, passed down a huge portion of its share in a Kazakh private school to a trusted lieutenant of the country’s ex-dictator, Bulat Utemuratov. This secretive deal was hidden from investors and is thought to have been a “Gift” to sweeten the relationship with the influential Utemuratov. Glencore’s history in frontier markets The Glencore empire, ...

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Know Your Rights: Two Important Things Every Employee Should Be Aware Of

For millennia, workers have been pursuing their rights. During the medieval period in 1381, the Peasants’ Revolt took place in England where poor villagers demanded better pay and working conditions. John Ball, one of the prominent leaders of the Peasants’ Revolt, is famously quoted as stating, “When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?” By this, he ...

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PMP Certification Training in Chicago

A PMP certification can expand your skills and enhance your job opportunities. It can help you land lucrative roles in almost every promising industry be it IT or manufacturing. A successful certified PMP professional will report better performances and steep salary rises. What is PMP To be very exact, Project Management Professional (PMP) is a certified course offered by PMI ...

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Ask a Locksmith in Bradford: In the Age of Keyless Locks, are Mechanical Locks Safe?

Electronic locks and keyless locks have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Door hardware technology, like other technologies, has been evolving further thanks in a large way to the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT). Naturally, some questions that have crept into homeowners’ minds include, “Are mechanical locks less safe than electronic locks?”, “Are electronic locks ...

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How to Find a Qualified Dissertation Editor

Dissertation, how terrifying it may sound to many students. This piece of work is not just another written assignment, it is the culmination of all studies. Should you fail, and you won’t get a long-wanted diploma. Some people find it fairly easy, though extremely time-consuming. It is a paper that features thorough research of a complicated issue, your findings, analysis, ...

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How to Write a Case Study Step by Step

For a host of reasons, marketing departments around the world have to write case studies. But it is also true that most case studies are boring, dull, and forgotten in no time. People, who are new to marketing often ask: what is a case study and how to write a case study? In this post, we will try to answer ...

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Is It That Bad That Students Use Online Services to Help Them with Homework?

Many busy students do not have enough time to focus on their assignments, and they hire online writing services to get their academic papers written. Thus students can save a lot of time, and they can submit quality papers within deadlines. But let’s face it: there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding online writing services. Some people think that these ...

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Why You Should Not Try DUI in Canada

Driving under the influence of drugs is a very serious offense in Canada and in most instances, it attracts a hefty penalty. This is due to the fact that driving under influence exposes a lot of people to the danger of either losing their lives and property of being maimed for their whole lives.It is advisable for any driver to ...

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EPA Posts New Rules for TSCA Asbestos Review

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released new rules for the risk evaluation of asbestos as part of the new updates to the reformed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The agency introduced a new use rule (SNUR) proposal that would allow the EPA to prohibit new uses of asbestos, the mineral linked to mesothelioma, a deadly cancer. This is ...

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