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How Do You Move a Big Piano Across Town?

When people decide to move, they have multiple considerations to make. Some items are more difficult to haul, with pianos being at the top of the list. Moving a piano across town is not an easy undertaking. Because of their sheer size alone, these instruments present challenges to movers. This guide will help people safely and effectively move a piano across town.

Moving a Piano Takes the Right Knowledge, Tools, and Equipment

A piano cannot be moved like furniture or appliances. When you need your piano moved, it is wise to rely on professionals. Owners who insist on moving their piano alone need to be prepared for a tedious and back-breaking process. Although challenging, it is possible to move a piano with help. 

Tips for Moving a Piano Across Town

Moving a piano across the room is not easy, but imagine moving it across town. Piano owners should consider multiple factors when moving these cumbersome instruments. The following tips should help piano movers make the move without their instruments becoming damaged in the process. 

  • First of all, people must have a plan of action before they even attempt the piano move. Without a plan, many things can go wrong and likely will. Even smaller pianos are difficult to move. Having a plan in place ensures everyone is on the same page during the move. 
  • Measuring the piano width, depth, and height is essential for owners. The dimensions of the piano will determine the size of the truck necessary for the move. Owners also need to consider the measurements for getting the piano through doorways. Individuals will need to measure the hallways, doorways, and staircases they will pass through in the move. 
  • Mapping out a clear path helps everyone who will work to move the piano. Having a clear map ensures everyone knows the path to take during the piano move. Individuals will find it wise to map the path even if they hire professional piano movers. 
  • Large pianos can weigh hundreds of pounds, and they are bulky. No one can move a piano alone because it cannot move on its leg wheels. Piano owners will need to enlist several people to help them in the move should they decide to go it alone. 

Gather the Correct Supplies

Owners will need some supplies to help them move their pianos safely. With the moving plan and the tips above, the move should proceed smoothly. The following are some of the moving supplies piano owners need. 

  • Moving blankets and furniture pads
  • Piano dollies
  • Stair ramps
  • Tie-down straps
  • Packaging tape
  • Sturdy work gloves

Rely on Professional Piano Movers

While it may become tempting to take a DIY approach to piano moving, this is not wise. Pianos are extremely heavy, with the largest weighing over 1.000 pounds. It only takes one slip of a hand to cause catastrophic injuries to the movers or damage to the piano. 

Without the correct knowledge, tools, and equipment, piano owners often find themselves in over their heads with a move. Moving a piano is a job best left to the professionals because they have the training and equipment to conduct the move safely. Piano movers also have insurance should anything go wrong in the move. 

When choosing a moving company, ensure the movers have extensive experience moving pianos of all sizes. Moving a piano is not a job for novice movers. 

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