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The Benefits of ID Police

Did you know that 45,000 identities are stolen each day?! Our identities are valuable, and we can be doing more to protect them. Before tossing crucial personal information into the trash, simply use ID Police. Unlike the tedious and messy shredding method, ID Police uses a patented and unique pattern that you stamp on your personal information. ID Police Reviews confirm that the system is easy to use and adequately covers all personal data from prying eyes.

Simply Roll and Go

Shredding paper takes forever; it’s a bulky machine you have to store, making noise. ID Police make the process of keeping your identity yours so much easier. Simply roll the stamp over any personal information. Then you’re done. It’s that quick and easy. Its small design makes it easy to store in your desk drawer. ID Police are only 3.75” high compared to a shredder, usually 17” high. No more big bulky shredder taking up a ton of space in your office. Simply roll ID Police over your documents and throw them away. No need to worry if the shredder left any valuable information intact. ID Police can hide it all with the swipe of a stamp

The ID Police stamp has a wide roller cartridge. With a stamper width of 1.125” its design is wide enough to cover most personal information in one or two strokes. All those pre-approval letters from credit card companies piling up on your desk? Simply stamp your information away. Bank statements? Stamp away with a quick swipe of ID police. No need to keep piles of documents around because throwing them away risks your identity being stolen. Roll ID Police over your personal information and declutter your space.

Have a bunch of empty prescription bottles lying around? ID Police’s ergonomic design allows you to easily roll over the cylinder shape. The protection offered goes beyond mail and paper statements. Quickly protect your identity on anything you want to throw away.

Quality Ink

The ink covers most glossy surfaces. This makes ID Police perfect for getting rid of old credit cards. The ink won’t bleed and is not removable. Even if someone took alcohol to it to try and reveal your personal information, ID Police will keep your identity protected. The ink is also thick enough to prevent those prying eyes from revealing what’s beneath the pattern by holding it up to the light. All they will see is the patented ID Police print and none of your valuable personal information.

The ID Police stamper comes already full of ink so no need to worry about filling it or rolling the stamp on a messy inkpad. Simply roll and go as you open your mail. Keep one in your purse or car to quickly stamp over any receipts before throwing them away. ID Police is a quality product and while the ink will protect you it won’t leak all over and ruin your bag. Hiding your personal information from identity thieves has never been easier.

Fantastic Reviews

Just take a look at ID Police Reviews and you’ll see that this is a quality product everyone should add to their office. With multiple 5 Star reviews you can be sure it’s a product everyone loves. Most people comment on how using this compared to a shredder saves time and money.

Great product

This works really great. I get a lot of pre-approved offers and don’t like to just throw them out with my information on them. This covers everything really good.” Tanya S.

ID Police: Identity Protection Roller

I had been annoyed trying to use a marker to line by line cross out my identifying information. This roller makes it quick and easy to block personal information. I am very happy with this purchase! If the information is close to the edge of the paper, putting the paper on something disposable makes it easy to quickly swipe the edge without worry about getting ink on your table.” Judith Ann C.

Id guard

I bought this not expecting a lot, but it works amazingly!!” Jack H.

Hiding personal information is as easy as a swipe or two of a stamp. Don’t be one of the 45,000 people today alone who have their identity stolen. Protect yourself and your family with ID Police.

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