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What sets them Apart?

Where does come from and what has been his experience?

With his strong technological background, is a graduate with a PHD at the UMass Amherst and then a post doctoral fellowship at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, as well an early employee of the Oculus Company that later has been acquired by Facebook. Due to that vast experience, has an enormous experience with technology ventures.

What does doing currently?

Currently is leading a company that deals with mental health treatments and solutions through herbal based therapy, which also includes cannabis, by using the dedicated hardware that we are currently developing together with AI to create a tailored one-of-a-kind treatment, a specific treatment for each individual.

The hardware that and his team are currently developing looks like an inkjet printer, it can basically mix a collection of cartridges of natural materials so that it creates a treatment that is customized and tailored for each individual person. That treatment is to help people who suffer from anxiety, sleep problems, insomnia, depression, being overweight, low energy, lack of concentration and so much more.

What is the solution that are offering to the everyday consumer?

Considering the natural medicine market is a multibillion dollar a year industry, as mentioned before, this market has a lot of good solutions for the medicinal side of the business, with truly little science or little to no technological studies to it. This is where come into play, we want to focus on that science and technological side of the business and help people that way.

By doing that, we offer a solution to a problem that no one else does, we offer a customizable product that is tailored to each individual by using robotics together with AI and understanding the complexity of the human body, the problem that the individual is having and how we can mix natural chemical ingredients to help solve that problem.

Is there anything that you would like to add to this article?

The only thing we would like to add is that we are seeking to assist in developing an area in a very large industry that could help a lot of people by providing a customized solution to each individual and its unique situation, by using technological advancements, robotics and artificial intelligence, and developing the right machine to help create those same solutions for the individual.

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