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I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

Bernie Sanders is Right!!Hillary is Unqualified To be President, But Not Because of What He Says!!

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Wednesday said that he does not believe Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president based on her acceptance of special-interest money, her support of free trade and her vote for the Iraq War. “She has been saying lately that she thinks I am quote-unquote not qualified to be president,” Sanders said. “Let me just ...

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The Islamic Trojan Horse!!!

                                                  We are now witnessing a mass immigration of Muslims around the world supposedly escaping ISIS, Putin and Arafat in the Ukraine and Syria. They are coming into Europe by the millions. Merkel has accepted a ...

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Our Feckless President!!!

    You can thank President Obama for the rise of Donald Trump. In Obama we have a man who hates America and hates white people. The press won’t admit it naturally, but if you read his book Dreams From My father his hatred for America and its’ founders comes out clearly. Even if you don’t read his books just ...

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Brussels Under Attack!! Who Will Be Next?

Once again ISIS – the JV Team as Obama calls them- struck killing 31 people and injuring scores of others. Thanks Obama! Under this president we can’t even defeat a rag tag team such as ISIS. And where was our illustrious president when this happened? Why he was in Cuba making a speech when this happened. In the middle of ...

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Useful Idiots Protest Trump Rallies

Lately the anti Trump media is promoting all these so called protestors at Trump rallies  who are disrupting his rallies and instigating people and then make it look like Trump is responsible. I’ve seen all his rallies and they are peaceful. It’s these disrupters who are causing the violence, but the anti-Trump media is twisting it around the other way. ...

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The Fascist, hateful, Language of the Left!!!

    On Friday, a large and motley gaggle of MoveOn.org and Black Lives Matter activists — along with other left-wing agitators and actual left-wing terrorist Bill Ayers — took to the streets in Chicago to shut down a planned Donald Trump rally. It seems, however, that according to reports on the ground, some of those protesters are now ready to ...

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The Twelfth GOP Debate: Civil, Substantive,But Underwhelming

The latest GOP debate was held in the University of Miami in Miami Fla. and in spite of what the pendants said about it being so great I thought it was the most civil of the debates with no mudslinging but underwhelming. Even Donald Trump remarked at one point that he couldn’t believe how civil it was this time. I ...

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The 11th Republican Debate: Moderators or Manipulators?

A few days before the debate Donald Trump   questioned why we have to have so many debates. “Everyone including me knows what is going  to be said,” he  said, “Rubio and Cruz are going to be on either side of me hurling insults, kaisich is going to be straight and calm and Carson is going to question why they aren’t ...

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TheWorld Wide Muslim Invasion

    The U.S. has always been a Christian nation which has always accepted the diversity of other religions Islam being one of them. Slowly, but surely over the years the so called “religion of peace” has been rapidly advancing in this nation and around the world at unprecedented rates. The average reproduction in the U.S. and other Christian nation is ...

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The10th Republican Debate Or Shake Hands And Come Out Fighting!!!

               The tenth Republican debate was held Thursday night in Houston Texas and what a fiery,  contentious debate it was. Hosted by Wolf Blitizer of CNN, Telemundo and Salem Radio the five remaining candidates debated. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich took the podiums and let the zingers fly and fly they did. The audience ...

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The Strange Death Of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia

The sudden death of supreme court judge Antonin Scalia at a Texas ranch is strange to say the least with many unanswered questions. Scalia was staying at the popular Cibolo Creek ranch for a hunting trip. The ranch is a popular resort for the rich and famous such as actor Tommy Lee Jones and rocker Mick Jagger and political figures ...

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The Ninth Republican Debate (Or Was This Just Another Jerry Springer Show?)

On Saturday night the ninth Republican debate was held at the Peace Center in Greenville South Carolina, but as the title implies it might as well have been a Jerry Springer show with all the barbs and mudslinging going on between the candidates. The stinging attacks and barbs between Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz became so hostile I ...

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Republicans Debate in New Hampshire

  A very hotly contested and animated debate between the remaining republican candidates was held Saturday night just ahead of Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire. The debate was moderated by ABC anchors Martha Raddatz and David Muir who I felt were clearly in the democrat pocket. That’s because as a friend of mine recently said, “As you can see, the New ...

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Hillary and Sanders Go One On One In New Hampshire

  Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took an increasingly combative tone into their first one-on-one debate on Thursday, cranking up a fight over who is best suited to lead the party’s liberal agenda on the economy and healthcare. With just the two on stage, Clinton and Sanders squared off over their key differences on foreign policy, guns, ...

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