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Godfrey McAllister is first and foremost a Christian who subscribes to a conservative Biblical worldview. He refers to himself as a "Christian Democratic Republican (CDR). https://TheCDR.us His first degree is in Theology and Psychology and higher education includes Human Relations with a major in Consumer Provider Relations. His Ph.D. published thesis is the Consumer Advocacy treatise - "Winning the War? A Consumer Guide to a Free Market Economy" His trademarked mantra is, "The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective." His trademarked name is "Doctor Perspective". Dr. McAllister's last book is "Put Him Back... America! - God demands a central place in our private and public lives" Dr. McAllster is an acclaimed Public Speaker and has repeatedly distinguished himself in Toastmasters International worldwide competitions. He is the 3-time District Champion in Impromptu Speaking and a top-10 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist out of a field of 35,000 contestants from approximately 140 countries.

The Real Supremacy of the Supreme Court

US Supreme Court

Despite its defensible claim to having made a textualist ruling, the Supreme Court of America has further entrenched the unnatural national blight of Transgenderism on a nation already careening outof control. The stranglehold that nine unelected men and women have on our Nation must be called out for what it is, whether or not you agree or disagree with any ...

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