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Is Trump Great Enough to Do What Obama Did?

Trump hates Obama. This is no Clinton vs Bush rivalry because one is a Democrat and the other is a Republican. This is pure, raw unadulterated hatred. Trump hates Obama and has done everything, or perhaps I should say, almost everything in his power so far to prove it. If this were merely a private affair, I could not care less. But President Trump’s pass-time Obama negative preoccupation is on track to cost him the Presidency… and cost us our country.

Beginning from before Obama became President, Trump tried to destroy Obama with the Birther Conspiracy. Then as President, he felt the unnecessary urge to compare his achievements with those of Obama. As is to be expected, some of Trump’s achievements are better than some of Obama’s, and vice versa. But why lie about the inaugural crowd size? Who really cares? And why as policy, roll back almost every environmental control regulation put in place by Obama? And even if you have different views on Climate Change than does the rest of the world, why make your disagreement a center-piece of your domestic and international policy? The Iran nuclear deal was not perfect. But neither is our Union. Why deliberately destroy an international crafted working arrangement without a better practical replacement in mind? And why earn the wrath of even staunch Republican voters by gutting and swearing to destroy Obama’s Affordable Care Act, aka Obamcare, through the Supreme Court in the midst of the Covid19 Pandemic, when for years Mitch McConell has been warning that there is no alternative under the table, much less on the table. Why not improve it substantially and call it Trump Care!

Being Republican does not mean we are stupid. We deserve more than to have to close our eyes and pinch our noses to vote for the Republican Party under Donald Trump. Come November, Republicans and men and women of good will should be voting for Donald Trump and not against Joe Biden. How can Black and Brown Americans look at Trump’s demonstrated hatred for Obama and avoid concluding that Trump’s real problem with Obama is that Obama is Black. To be real, I expect Trump to deny this, and even to swear and turn red in the face when doing so. For such is the nature of our democracy. Legally, you are innocent until proven guilty. But that does not stop the individual jurors from forming their own opinion. And the Black jurors are going to render their verdict on November 3.

For whatever reason Trump hates Obama, there is one final test, which if Trump fails, Obama will have the last laugh. Obama is a two-term President. Trump wants to be a two-term President. The question is, “Is Trump Great Enough to Do What Obama Did? With less than four months before November 3, does Trump have the discipline to do what must be done to be victorious on November 3?

The fate of America hangs on the outcome of whether or not Trump wins a second term. If you are a conservative Christian who, though imperfect, uphold the Biblical worldview as your north star, you need President Trump to beat Joe Biden, and win a 2nd Term. If you believe that the loss of 600,000 American lives on the battle fields of the Civil War was God’s initial punishment on Americans for enslaving millions of Black men, women and children; and if you believe that the legal murder of more than 60,000,000 innocent Americans by Americans in the Abortion pits of America angers a vengeful God by the second; then we need to elect a Republican Government in November, 2020. And if you want to halt or even contain the rise of LGBTQ Supremacy in in a Bible-believing America, then we need to elect a republican Government in November.

However, because Republicans are not starry-eyed, conceited, idealistic nitwits, we are capable of calmly observing and analyzing the current reality. And that reality is that if the political tailwinds continue to blow in the same direction and with the same velocity as they are now blowing, Donald Trump will become a one-Term President in November, even if he claims that the elections were rigged. Here are some sobering facts to face and political pointers to ponder.

Barring the 1824 election of President Andrew Jackson in which the popular vote cannot be accurately determined, there are only four Presidents who lost the popular vote, with Trump being the last, and all of them Republicans. On Election night 2016, not even Trump expected to win. But thanks to the vagaries of the Electoral College, once again for the fourth or fifth time, a minority President was Constitutionally elected. Donald Trump’s election in 2016 was a political modern-day miracle, and many still feel that it was because he was/is anointed by God to be President. Since I believe both in God and in the anointing, if God wants Trump to win in November, he will. But it will require a second miracle. However, my desire is that Trump will be more cooperative with God and not require a second miracle.

In 2016, the Black vote, was mainly self-suppressed but also systemically suppressed by over 800,000 persons including first time eligible voters when compared to 2012. But the approximately 16.4 million Blacks who voted, barely fell short of 60% of eligible Black voters. In 2020, neither Covid19 nor creative Voter Suppression strategies will suppress the Black vote, and a record turnout that far surpasses the 60% of 2016 is very likely. And barring a miracle and/or a dramatic shift of current political indicators, these votes will not be going to Donald Trump.

If Trump did not hate Obama so much, he could have spent the last four years learning a thing or two from Obama. In 2008 Black Obama secured approximately 43% of the White vote and 41% of the White vote in 2012. Trump secured 8% of the Black vote in 2016 and, given his present trajectory, will receive less in an energized turnout by Black voters in 2020. Why? How?

In 2016, Trump benefited from several Obama Blue States that swung Red. Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan voted for Trump. As of mid June 2020, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan are trending Blue. Pennsylvania and North Carolina are in play and Texas and Georgia are within reach for Biden. According to longtime Republican strategist and Fox News contributor Karl Rove, “In some states, it is close and within the margin of error. But, let’s be honest about it, the president is behind today. All the national polls suggest he is behind,”

In less than four months, I can help Trump win the 2020 Elections, if only I could reach him. Given the vested interests of the advisors and consultants who surround him, it would take a miracle for me to gain an audience with him. And then, it will take an even bigger miracle for him to submit to my advice. But I believe in miracles. And speaking for multiple millions of Americans, we need Trump to win in November. I could not care less about Trump losing his presidency. But I do care about me losing my country. If you have access to President Trump, please give him my contact details.

Godfrey McAllister is an American Political Commentator, Author and Motivational Speaker. His trade-marked name is “Doctor Perspective” and his trademarked mantra is “The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective”. His contact address is DoctorPerspective@gmail.com. Godfrey’s opinions are his own and not necessarily shared by Conservative Daily News.

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Godfrey "Doctor Perspective" McAllister

Godfrey McAllister is first and foremost a Christian who subscribes to a conservative Biblical worldview. He refers to himself as a "Christian Democratic Republican (CDR). https://TheCDR.us His first degree is in Theology and Psychology and higher education includes Human Relations with a major in Consumer Provider Relations. His Ph.D. published thesis is the Consumer Advocacy treatise - "Winning the War? A Consumer Guide to a Free Market Economy" His trademarked mantra is, "The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective." His trademarked name is "Doctor Perspective". Dr. McAllister's last book is "Put Him Back... America! - God demands a central place in our private and public lives" Dr. McAllster is an acclaimed Public Speaker and has repeatedly distinguished himself in Toastmasters International worldwide competitions. He is the 3-time District Champion in Impromptu Speaking and a top-10 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist out of a field of 35,000 contestants from approximately 140 countries.

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