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Conservatives Had It Right & Liberals Have It Wrong

Like any large ship on the high seas, America needs a compass and a navigation system to survive the turbulent waves and treacherous rocks that lurk below the surface and sometimes in plain sight. Our Government is our navigation system… but what is our compass? For our Founding Fathers it was the Bible and a fundamental trust in God, even though on many occasions, flawed. Today, it definitely is no longer the Bible. So what is it? What has replaced the Bible? White Supremacy tried unsuccessfully. Will it be Black Lives Matter?

Norms and customs and values are rapidly changing in America before our eyes. Confederate statues that imposingly shadowed many cities are being toppled overnight. Black Lives Matter will soon be demanding seats in Congress and are already influencing many politicians. The NRA, the Far Right fringes and the President have been ominously signaling to predominantly White Americans that the time has come to buy more guns even as gun sales skyrocket after George Floyd’s murder. God made “he” and God made “she”; but now we are told by the Supreme Court that we must marry “he” to “he” and “she” to “she”, and provide equal employment opportunity to persons who are neither he nor she or both he and she. But amidst all of this, Americans are never allowed to forget that Almighty God has no difficulty instantly making our lives very miserable through a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, volcano, tsunami, typhoon or Corona Virus. Do we really believe that God will allow us to flout His laws and spit in His face forever? I hope we are smarter than that.

In recent modern history, the politically Conservatives of America were the people and the Party that could be depended on to hold the Christian flag high. There were several internal contradictory values and inconsistencies within the Republican ranks, but at least Republicans could be relied on to parade at least a form of Godliness, even if the power thereof was not practiced. In fact, practicing Christians felt safe by politically aligning themselves with the Republicans and Conservatives for the defense of their Christian morals and values. Today, not all practicing Christians vote for Donald Trump and the Republican Party, because, to put it mildly, since 2016, the Republican Party is not what it used to be. And in 2016 and more than likely in 2020, practicing Christians will be forced to close their eyes and pinch their noses and vote Republican, simply because they can’t vote democrat. It ought not to be so, and it does not have to be so. Practicing Christians deserve to be happy voting Republican.

The Democrats and their Party on the other hand have made a choice. Abortion is murder. The fact that the Supreme Court has legalized it, does not change the fact that it is still murder, and murder of the most shameful and cowardly type. It is murder of the innocent by the guilty before God. Not content with a platform built on murder of the unborn, the Democratic Party publicly and proudly champions the LGBTQ agenda and even has the gall to offer a homosexual candidate to become America’s President and Commander in Chief. And on top of all of that, the Democrat’s support of Planned Parenthood, and their inaction in meaningfully uplifting the life of Black and Brown people in America even during the first Black President’s 8 years is as much a racist indictment as was their initial embrace of the Ku Klux Klan. The Conservatives used to have it right and the Democrats have it wrong.

Whether we like it or not, America was founded on strong unshakable Judeo-Christian values. That is different from stating that America was founded a Christian nation. There has never been a practicing Christian nation on earth, not even Israel. Israel began as a Theocracy but shortly after demanded to become a Monarchy. In fact, God’s attempt to mold Israel into a “Christian” nation has to date, repeatedly failed according to the verdict of God Himself.

As a nation we have supported the Supreme Court and social groupings like the ACLU to undermine the truth of what used to be our boast, “In God We Trust”. As America careens towards the brink of the precipice of social implosion and another Civil War, the saddest commentary is that the Church fiddles on a Sunday while America burns. I thank God for Christian leaders who are proclaiming the good news of salvation and claiming individual lives for the Kingdom of God. But more can be done collectively and more must be done. The time has come for the Church, defined as the Body of Practicing Christians to unite in one voice under the banner of the cross of Jesus Christ and with God’s Word as their compass. The time has come for the Church to speak truth to power… to White Supremacists… to Black Lives Matter… to the President and his men… to the members of the Senate and to members of the House; to Judges of all ranks, and to all those in authority. It is time to command this nation to put its mouth where its money is – “In God We Trust”.

Godfrey McAllister is an American Political Commentator, Author and Motivational Speaker. His trade-marked name is “Doctor Perspective” and his trademarked mantra is “The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective”. His contact address is DoctorPerspective@gmail.com

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Godfrey "Doctor Perspective" McAllister

Godfrey McAllister is first and foremost a Christian who subscribes to a conservative Biblical worldview. He refers to himself as a "Christian Democratic Republican (CDR). https://TheCDR.us His first degree is in Theology and Psychology and higher education includes Human Relations with a major in Consumer Provider Relations. His Ph.D. published thesis is the Consumer Advocacy treatise - "Winning the War? A Consumer Guide to a Free Market Economy" His trademarked mantra is, "The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective." His trademarked name is "Doctor Perspective". Dr. McAllister's last book is "Put Him Back... America! - God demands a central place in our private and public lives" Dr. McAllster is an acclaimed Public Speaker and has repeatedly distinguished himself in Toastmasters International worldwide competitions. He is the 3-time District Champion in Impromptu Speaking and a top-10 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist out of a field of 35,000 contestants from approximately 140 countries.

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