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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

Walls Define What They Surround

Walls designed to keep people in an area define prisons. Some examples of this type of wall are: North Korea The Berlin Wall The Iron Curtain Cuba Federal Prisons County jails The former USSR Walls designed to keep people out are protecting something of value. Some examples of this type of wall are: John Kerry’s mansion The Kennedy compound The Clinton ...

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Iranian Citizens Can Thank Barack Obama For Their Current Misery and Suffering

Soon after Obama became president, Iran experienced the Green Revolution which was the Iranian citizens’ attempt to free themselves from the oppression of the Mullahs in that terrorist-supporting nation. But, our oh-so-sensitive and concerned President Obama ignored the pleas of the Iranian people as they were imprisoned, tortured and killed. Obama preferred a different kind of “green” and chose the ...

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Beware of Liberals Relocating To Your City

Northerners moving south due to high taxes

People from Northeastern towns, in states like New York or Connecticut or New Jersey, will move to places like Florida because of the lower taxes, fewer homeless beggars blocking the sidewalks, less racial strife and the more pleasant surroundings which exist in non-liberal locations. Unfortunately when they relocate to a more pleasant location they bring the reasons they left their ...

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Liberals Strive To Fulfill Obama’s Promised “Fundamental Transformation Of America”

First, they attempted to take Christmas from us, and no matter what the CNN Anchor Don Lemon says, I have never heard Barack Obama wish anyone a “Merry Christmas.” And during the Obama administration, no official in government nor in the dominant, leftist press ever uttered such a simple, traditional wish during the Christmas season. Then the leftist party of ...

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Where The Real Russian Collusion Is To Be Found, And Why

Mueller’s Got Mail

Hillary lost the 2016 presidential election. In light of all of the millions of influence-buying dollars that the many crooks and dictators around the world “donated” to the criminal Clinton Global Initiative in anticipation of preferential treatment from President Hillary Clinton, she could be in big trouble with these international rogues. It seems Hillary is in the process of trying ...

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Is the arrogance of the FBI worse than the corruption?

As outraged as I and many other thinking Americans are about the absolute corruption and anti-Trump attitude of a supposedly impartial FBI, it’s probably the arrogance of these people that is most disturbing. Democrats and never-Trumpers thought that they could roll over Trump during the latest presidential election. Then when they learned that Trump was elected and not their hand-picked ...

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The Ex-Post Facto Nature Of The “Laws” Of Feminism

No Pain - No Gain

Unpublished “laws”, generated and made up on the fly by leftist feminists, are getting harmless young men in trouble. This subject was brought to light by Tucker Carlson on his Wednesday night Fox News program when he confronted a young woman who claimed that “society” was making these laws to punish college men for expressing an attraction to “hot” women ...

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Democrats Are At Risk Of Becoming Chaste Prudes About Sex

Progressives have looked down their up-scale noses and mocked religious conservatives for their prudish and narrow-minded attitudes on the subject of sex and lewd public behavior. The left has favored more of this type of behavior since the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s, but now Democrats are criminalizing any sexual contact between men and women. In reality, all ...

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America Is In Serious Trouble

CNN Broken News

After more than a year of fake anti-Trump news the set-up FBI prosecution of Trump officials, it’s obvious that Americans are no longer safe and free in their own country. We also know that our sources of news are horribly corrupt and suspect. Fake News: The liberal press topped its lying-news reporting last week when CNN reported that WikiLeaks, whom ...

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We Live In Dangerous Societal Times

A year ago Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer were highly respected members of the liberal leftist community. Today, these men, and many others of the liberal persuasion, are out of work and shamed by their actions. And don’t forget our beloved Bill Clinton, who knows no shame, but is now taking hits for his 20-year-ago blue dress incident. A society ...

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Leftists Think President Trump Is Mentally Unstable. Look Who’s Talking.

The very same people who celebrate and encourage deranged politicians on the left have the nerve to call President Trump mentally unstable. What about the man who self-identifies as a Filipino woman, or the Lilly white female Senator who self-identifies as a Cherokee squaw, and the deluge of mostly-liberal men who have been fired and embarrassed by revelations that they ...

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Democrat “Icon” Has A Short Life-Span

If Nancy Pelosi had any sense at all she would go back to California and enjoy her family’s vast wealth and remain out of the public eye as her mind goes to pieces. Just days ago she defended liberal Democrat Congressman John Conyers against accusations of sexual offenses, stating that he was a Democrat icon and must be left in ...

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Liberal Self-Identity Is Cool. It Works.

Warren Warpath

On November 29th I posted an article titled “Senator Elizabeth Warren, Squaw Of High Cheeks, Is The Racist, Not Trump” in order to have a little fun with our Pocahontas impersonator in the United States Senate. A lady named Elsie responded to my article stating that she considered my word “squaw”, used to address Elizabeth Warren, as being racist (what ...

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