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Joey Biden And The Radical Left’s “American Woman” Moment

People of a certain age will remember the Canadian rock group “The Guess Who” when they expressed the typical attitude among the self-absorbed and unappreciative radical left toward America and its Capitalism. The lyrics of their most successful song, “American Woman”, was “American Woman, get away from me” while the group made millions of dollars snuggling up to Lady Liberty, selling their recordings to American audiences, and insulting America at the same time.

It’s fashionable for the political left to pretend to hate the nation depicted by the name “American Woman“, knowing that everyone wants a piece of her, and the political left will take advantage of the liberties constitutionally guaranteed to Americans, to access our markets and make a profit for themselves whenever they can, but will pretend to hate the wealth of America in a broader world living in poverty and misery.

In 2022, with a weak and ineffectual president in the White House, the entire world is dumping on America, while millions of people, a large proportion of them illegals, are trying to come here to live or work and be a part of our “American Woman” life. But under the Biden administration nothing seems to be working as it should any longer. Our borders are wide open; gas is way too expensive; food shortages are becoming common; baby formula has disappeared from American shelves, while it’s been found aplenty along the southern border where it’s used, at the American taxpayers’ expense, by mothers from Guatemala and Cuba for their children, but not the children of American mothers. Thanks, Joey.

Given the current trend of sexual fluidity, the “American Woman” of the 1970s could today be an ugly, smelly, bearded biological man, so maybe The Guess Who were right when they said that the “American Woman” should “..get away from me”. The same America that helped save the civilized world in World Wars I and II is now being criticized by our international foes for being arrogant and a bully, while domestically the Biden administration is allowing our country to be invaded by people who don‘t understand the treasure that is America, and who only seek to profit from America‘s demise.

Recently Biden was seen screaming during a speech that there is a shortage of food “in America” he yelled indignantly. But such shortages did not exist in Donald Trump’s administration, and the shortages and the inflation and the border attacks and the escalating crime statistics only began with Biden taking the Oval Office. The problems with America are all on Joey and his ultra-left, woke administration.

America is being torn apart, one small piece after another, by the international far-left haters who want to rule this once great nation, and Joey Biden and his staff of domestic, nincompoop, wokesters are the current group trying to push us off the edge of history and into oblivion. And, unfortunately, the Biden traitors are succeeding.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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