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Democrats Plan To Pack The Supreme Court By “Other Means”

Since well before the last national election, and in fear that Donald Trump would be re-elected and appoint more constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court, Democrats have threatened to pack the court with five additional, leftist justices in order to get the Supreme Court decisions they need in order to have the power to rule like dictators.

After reading the title to this opinion piece, one may well ask, “By what ‘other means’ do the Democrats plan to pack the Supreme Court”? Well, with “Whirlwind” Chuck Schumer in charge, they will use assassination and just plain old terrorism to allow muddle-headed Joey Biden to be able to appoint more far-left radicals to the court.

The party of leftist activities and methods began the post-Trump episode in American radical politics by illegally releasing the addresses of conservative members of the Court so their mobs could harass the Justices and their neighbors with round-the-clock marchers, chanters and drum beaters. Then they committed another illegal act when the demonstrators actually showed up and began their harassment of the Justices’ homes.

There has been no condemnation of the illegal demonstrators from anyone in the Biden administration, and if there has been a condemnation of this latest murder attempt against Brett Kavanaugh by Joey’s woke fools, I haven’t heard it. Weepy Joey’s DOJ is just sitting on their hands and allowing this travesty to continue, hoping that maybe one of the conservatives will resign or be killed at the hands of an insane member of the Democrat party, and this situation would be acceptable to Biden and Schumer because all the far left cares about is raw power to rule with an iron fist and imprison or otherwise eliminate their opponents as it suits them. But it seems the conservative Justices are made of tougher stuff, and without doubt the supporters of Trumps judicial appointments are being peaceful and haven’t stormed the demonstrators with fists and buckets of water.

Since all we have is silence from the radical left, it can safely be assumed that the murder attempt on Kavanaugh’s life is exactly what leftist Chuck Schumer intended when he said that Kavanaugh would “pay the price” for becoming a Supreme Court Justice, with the price being death. One wonders if the United States is going the way of Germany’s Weimar Republic, with their beatings of Jews by the brown shirts, the bombings and invasions of neighboring countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia, secret police rounding people up in the middle of the night and sending them to concentration camps, kind of like the January 6 House committee is doing.

Our nation is on the brink under radical Biden/Democrat rule, and we’re moving downhill fast with the idiot Joey Biden heading the corrupt pack, and leading us all to destruction.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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