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All Known Evil Comes to a Head Under Biden Administration – It’s Not A Coincidence

Massive school shootings. Enormous numbers of weekend murders in Democrat-run cities. Violent threats to Supreme Court justices. High inflation rates. An intentional and dangerous depletion of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves, done simply to make Joey Biden‘s domestic fuel shortage less obvious. American citizens are unable to afford to take a family vacation this summer and are finding bare grocery store shelves and inflated prices for the products they are able to find. Criminals are running amok everywhere. Democrats are attempting to remove guns from peaceful, law-abiding American citizens. Democrats are accusing peaceful American, conservative citizens of being racists. Illegal aliens are entering our nation in the millions, with the inevitable joblessness and poverty that will assuredly result, with likely lives of crime to follow. The Disney company is pushing sexual materials on children and trying to convince boys that they are really girls, and vice versa.

All these things and more are haunting America. And they have all come to the fore during the far-left, woke, Biden administration. And it’s no coincidence that these things fulfill the Obama promise of Fundamentally Transforming America and making America not only pay for its success and prosperity but is part of making America itself an impoverished third-world nation, which it’s rapidly becoming.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. A terrific article!

    In addition to all you reported, the American people should be reminded constantly that Biden is breaking laws and making our nation less secure by continuing to alow tens of thousands of inadequately vetted migrants to enter the U.S. on a daily basis. Drugs, sterrorists and violent people are swarming into the U.S. simply to help Joey increase the Democratic voter rolls in the U.S. before the next election. He only cares about having his name go down in the Democratic history books as the man who ensured America would be a leftist nation for the near future. He doesn’t work for the Dems…he works for the American people!

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