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Biden’s Green Agenda Is Evidence That Socialism/Communism Always Fails

There’s a real world out there, and ignoring it is why Joey Biden’s administration is failing badly.

Biden’s lack of ever having had a real, for-profit job in his life and never having to be cognizant to the willing acceptance of his ideas by a large number of people who voluntarily paid his salary, is largely why we have all of the problems our nation is currently facing. Instead of seeking the political buy-in of Americans for his radical policies, by gradually building solar and wind power and proving its effectiveness and dependability which would make Americans comfortable with giving up their internal combustion vehicles for electric ones, he instead ignored the pocketbooks and the opinion of Americans and was indifferent to and disrespectful of the public’s attitude toward this drastic change in our lives. He dove right in with shutting down new domestic oil drilling and refining and his policies have been the direct cause of many consumer shortages and empty store shelves we’ve experienced this last year, and have caused the inflation that is leading to hard economic times ahead.

And because he’s always been in government, which does virtually whatever it chooses to do and then covers it up and lies about it if public scrutiny occurs, Biden imposed his will without any consideration for customer approval of his actions, with the customer being the American citizens, and he cut off new oil and gas exploration and production in order to force everyone to accept moving to electric vehicles, with inflation being the proof of how bad his sudden, inconsiderate maneuvers were. Joey has repeatedly said that he’s a Capitalist, but governing by executive orders and mandates are not how Capitalism works.

Our authoritarian president was so intent on shoving his green agenda down our throats that his first act in office was to unilaterally halt significant oil production, and then make the idiotic statement that we were now energy independent, while simultaneously begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to increase shipments of oil to the United States.

The American citizens have been “serviced” by the Biden administration, but that’s the opposite of the public service politicians are expected to provide.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. You are used to bending over and groveling you career politician. Die. Take poison and die. Take Jill, Hunter and Kamel la la la la la la la la and Piglouse with you.

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