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MAGA Hat Double Vision – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Earlier this week I dashed out a cartoon that commented on the controversy involving an elder Native American veteran banging his drum in the face of a high school kid wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Leftists were outraged and accused the kid of racism. There were many vicious tweets—some calling for violence against the kid and his high ...

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Fake News Speaks With Forked Tongue – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Fake News speaks with forked tongue. A group of Catholic high school kids from Kentucky participated in the “March For Life” last weekend. They were waiting for their bus to pick them up at the Lincoln Memorial. They wore red “MAGA” caps. An older Indian gentleman happened to show up and he was beating on a drum. He walked right ...

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Buzzfeed’s Big Bombshell Dud – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Those lying, left-leaning lunatics who sully the name of journalism released another ‘bombshell’ designed to destroy President Trump. Buzzfeed dropped such a bombshell and everyone thought it would mean the end of Trump. It was another dud. Buzzfeed has lied so much they should change their name to ‘Bunkfeed.’ The coastal city newspapers and former ‘mainstream’ media, as well as the ...

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Nancy Pelosi Grounded – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Nancy Pelosi continues to refuse money for Trump’s border wall. She claims it would be ineffective and immoral, even though she enjoys a wall around her mansion as well as the walls of Congress. What’s really immoral is someone who has enriched herself through government. Her net worth is now around $120 million. Her main concern in life seems to ...

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A New Era Of Advertising – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Big corporations have HR departments that set policy for employee hiring, training, and education as well as indoctrination into corporate ‘culture.’ Yes, each company has a stated culture, which are all pretty much the same. The HR departments tend to be populated by social justice activists and politically correct types. Their job is to make sure employees fall in line. ...

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The Democrat Response, Open Borders Forever – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Open Borders forever and ever and ever…. After watching the President present his reasonable case for border security last night, we also wanted to see how the Democrats would respond to Trump’s address. It was a horror show. The staging, the colors, and the stiff bug-eyed looks of both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi overwhelmed their message. A million memes ...

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The Democrat Wall – Ben Garrison Cartoon

The Democrats are building their own wall. It’s a growing wall of big government statism, endless war, globalism, and higher taxes that race toward socialism. It’s a wall that blocks us from our liberties including our right to own a gun and the right to engage in free speech. It’s a wall that censors and controls minds by means of ...

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The Sword In The Stone – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Before Barack Obama was elected, he promised to end the war in Afghanistan by 2014. He also promised to end the Iraq war. Never happened. We’re still in both countries. The war in Afghanistan has cost US taxpayers one trillion dollars and has dragged on for almost 18 years. The post-9-11 wars combined have cost American taxpayers an astounding $6 ...

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Mitt “Punchy” Romney – Ben Garrison Cartoon

In a recent editorial appearing in the Washington Post, Mitt Romney claimed ‘the president shapes the public character of the nation.’ He then went on to say Trump’s character falls short. Romney is a big government lover. Such people think nothing can happen without government, including getting one’s character shaped. Therefore, he thinks it’s the president’s job to shape our characters. ...

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Signs Of The Times – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Illegal immigrants cost US taxpayers $116 billion per year. President Trump wants Congress to approve $5 billion to begin wall construction on our southern border. The total cost of the wall may reach $25 billion. What a bargain! One would think Congress would jump at the chance to discourage more illegals from pouring in, thus saving many more billions of ...

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MAGA Claus – Ben Garrison Cartoon

When Ann Coulter pitched her fit about the lack of progress made toward building a wall on our southern border, I understood her frustration because I felt the same way. Two years have elapsed and we still have open borders for the most part, despite the wall being THE cornerstone promise of Trump’s campaign. When the President caught wind of ...

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A Christmas Miracle, The First Step Act – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Friday morning President Donald Trump signed into law a measure that amounts to the most significant changes to the criminal justice system in generations. 1. Federal prisons will also rehabilitate and heal – not just punish. The First Step Act mandates a new Risk and Needs Assessment system that matches people in prison to the programs and classes most supportive ...

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