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Face Mask Hell – Grrr Graphics – Ben Garrison Cartoon

How can I say that? We’re constantly told by the mass media that COVID-19 has killed a great many. Most states and global corporations now ‘mandate’ masks. The ‘authorities’ tell us wearing a mask will help save lives, right?

Wrong. For one thing, none of the Gates-controlled and paid for data can be trusted. The dehumanizing masks can’t prevent the virus and in fact, wearers often fiddle with them. They try adjust them to make their uncomfortable mufflers more comfortable. By doing so, the masks become depositories for dirty fingers. Some workers must breathe in their own CO2 for eight hours while working. If the mandatory mask wearing becomes permanent, it could become more damaging than the virus.

The real damage is inflicted upon our liberty. They tyrants are able to dictate face diaper wearing and people must go along in order to travel, go shopping, or visit the post office. In some cities there are fines and a couple of people have already been shot dead by police for not wearing them!

The battle over mask wearing has now been lost. It was never about safety. It’s has always been about conditioning and compliance and most are complying. Peer pressure does the rest. A few days ago I went food shopping. I was the only one in the store without a mask and the checkout clerk barked at me to social distance because I was mask-less, even though I was in the designated box. I was treated like a threatening disease. A while later, I could not go into the post office. A large sign told me I must now sport a mask. I didn’t have one.

I also saw young people walking alone on sidewalks under a hot sun with masks on. I saw others driving in their cars with masks on. The steady drumbeat of fear from the corporate mass media has been successful. The masks are here to stay and people are marching in lockstep with them on. No resistance offered. Control by mask was all too easy for the Illuminati. They want us to voluntarily cooperate with our own demise and we’re cooperating. Businesses are, too. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

Once people are conditioned to wearing harmful masks, Bill Gates’ mandatory harmful vaccine will be a snap. Many people will insist on a biometric, trackable vaccine in order to shed their masks. Then it will be the same. No access to travel, shopping, or post office use without the ‘mark of the beast’ vaccine. A smiling Gates will rake in more billions of dollars while subjecting us all to noxious, life-shortening substances that will no doubt be present in his vaccine. It won’t stop the coronavirus, but it will stop us. His ID2020 vision will come to fruition. It will be combined with a cashless system, which means everything we do and spend will be tracked and taxed. A Chinese-style social credit system will become commonplace. It all ends with a police state and absolute tyranny. We’ll all be slaves at the mercy of the top, Satanic .001 percent. They will rejoice because We, the Sheeple will have voluntarily done it to ourselves.

THAT is why the mask is worse than the disease.

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  1. TRULY!
    But there is another problem that people are not thinking about…
    Can you imagine our kids in school wearing a mask for 6 to 7 hours??? How are they getting oxygen?
    Can you imagine with all this wiping down of surfaces, killing every bacteria…how the hell are our kids ever going to obtain immunities…
    Think of it, think back, remember eating dirt, remember getting scrapes and our mommies kissing it, or spitting on the “Boo-Boo”‘
    Certain immunities we obtained as kids, playing outdoors, biking, swimming, hiking, playground, playground scuffles..
    Our kids don’t do that anymore, we are going to have the WEAKEST KIDS on the planet because there will be no immunities and their breathing in Carbon Dioxide all day instead of oxygen.
    Yes, we are losing our rights due to FEAR (F. False E. Evidence. Appearing R. Real)
    But our kids losing even more!

  2. Evidence and eye witness accounts confirm what we should already expect – covid cases are largely over-inflated. Phony. A government that rules by fear – passively or aggressively – is a government of Tyranny.

    It occurs to me; carbon dioxide poisoning is much like carbon monoxide poisoning . I’ve suffered carbon monoxide poisoning twice. Especially the second time I thought I was coming down with the flu. I felt achy, light-headed and a little nauseous. (Much like recently described symptoms of this faux flu.) If I had not already experienced the poisoning before I would have dies in my sleep that night. But as I lay there feeling worse and worse it suddenly occurred to me what I’d felt many years ago. I shut my bedroom door and despite the raging blizzard outside I opened my window as far as possible and soon was feeling much better. We took care of a furnace problem the next day.

    But the point is this; If you go about your business thru the day wearing a mask – breathing your own CO2 – at the end of the day you feel like you are getting sick. So you rush to the doctor and sure enough – you got the virus. As we’ve seen the test even works on fruit regardless of its “symptoms”. Anyone who thinks the evil people behind this are not aware of this dynamics is one of those STUPID sheep that deserve what they get.

    Anyone can prove the inefficiency of the mask. The Virus is .06 microns in diameter and cigarette smoke particles are about the same size. Take a puff of smoke in your mouth and with the mask on watch what happens when you blow it out…

    Frankly, I’d rather be DEAD than believe their LIES!!!

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