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Kasie Hunt Says Trump Has No Shot At Re-Election Because He’ll Never Be Able To Turn Key Voting Group

MSNBC host Kasie Hunt said President Donald Trump has no chance of winning re-election in 2020 because of his ratings among women. Hunt was discussing a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll on “Morning Joe” Wednesday and said women are energized to vote against the Trump administration. The poll showed Trump with a 38 percent approval rating among women. “The president ...

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Huckabee Makes The Claim That Twitter Has Morphed Into A Public Utility

Former Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee said Twitter has become a public utility and is serving as a political arm of the Democratic Party. “They may claim to be a private company, they may — and in fact be one, but they’ve become a public utility,” Huckabee said on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday. “Here’s the big question, if they use the power of ...

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Electoral College Was ‘Conceived In Sin’ And Meant To Keep Black People Down, Says Steve Cohen

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee said the electoral college was “conceived in sin” and claimed it was invented to keep black people down. “This is all conceived in sin and perpetuating slavery on the American people and on the African-American people, directly,” Cohen said on “CNN Right Now” Tuesday. “We need to give the people who understand from town ...

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Former ICE Supervisor Claims America Needs More Than Just A Border Wall To Be Secure

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement supervisor Jason Piccolo said America will need more than just a border wall if it wants to defend its sovereignty, during an interview on “Fox & Friends” Monday. Piccolo was discussing an MS-13 gangster who was murdered by members of his own gang and said the U.S. needs more resources to combat illegal immigration. “We need more resources. It’s ...

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Former California GOP Chairman Lists 9 Ways America Is Moving Towards Socialism

Former California GOP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday and listed off nine ways in which America is moving towards socialism. Del Beccaro said increased government spending and inflated tax codes are just the beginning and claimed they’ll have a domino effect on the rest of the country. “We do have massive [spending],” he said. “We ...

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Marine Joey Jones Responds To Op-Ed Calling For End To National Anthem At Sporting Events

Retired Marine Corps bomb technician and double amputee Joey Jones appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday to debate the merits of playing the national anthem at sporting events. Jones was responding to a Thursday op-ed in USA Today which called the anthem a “lazy excuse for patriotism” and pushed for it to be removed from sports all together. “It’s not faux patriotism. She makes ...

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CNN’s John Berman Tries To Tie Trump To New Zealand Attack

CNN Media Bias Logo

Co-host of CNN’s “New Day” John Berman tried to tie President Donald Trump to the New Zealand mosque shooting on Friday, during an interview with GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Berman initially asked for Kinzinger’s reaction to the shooting that claimed 49 lives, but then pivoted to Trump and asked if the president’s rhetoric helped cause the massacre. “This ...

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Lawyer For Nicholas Sandmann Says Not One Media Outlet Apologized For Getting The Facts Wrong

Todd McMurtry, attorney for Covington High School student Nicholas Sandmann, said major media outlets have yet to apologize for besmirching his client’s name in the public sphere. “First off, we think that people that went with the initial unsourced video which had gone viral. — they did so without any reasonable reporting,” McMurtry said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “Some ...

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Nunes Says Lisa Page’s Testimony Confirms Conspiracy To Protect Clinton

Hillary Clinton odd face

GOP Rep. Devin Nunes of California said Thursday that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page confirmed the Justice Department conspired to bury Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Nunes was asked on “America’s Newsroom” about former GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe of Texas who tweeted out an excerpt of Page’s closed-door testimony before Congress. Ratcliffe said he asked Page if she was being ordered ...

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San Jose Police Sergeant Speaks Out Against Sanctuary State Laws After Woman’s Death

San Jose Police Sgt. Paul Kelly spoke out against sanctuary state laws on “Fox & Friends” Thursday after an illegal immigrant stabbed a 59-year-old woman to death in California. Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza was a known gang member who allegedly killed Bambi Larson in her own home on Feb. 28. ICE had issued nine detention orders for Carranza, but each request was ignored by ...

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Kirstjen Nielsen Says DHS Will Continue To Enforce The Law Despite Democrats’ Opposition

Kirstjen Nielsen

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said her agency will continue to enforce immigration laws, despite facing heavy opposition from Congressional Democrats. “Well, two things. One, I would say we’re a law enforcement agency. So we enforce the law,” Nielsen said Thursday on “Fox & Friends.” “You know, I said it before, but I really fear for our democracy ...

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Greenpeace Co-Founder Explains Why He Called AOC A ‘Pompous Little Twit’

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore explained why he called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “pompous little twit” during a Tuesday segment with “Fox & Friends.” Moore was discussing Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal proposal and called it “silly” and outlandish. “It’s a silly plan. That’s why I suggested that she was a pompous little twit,” Moore said. “Twit meaning silly in the British lexicon and pompous ...

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Josh Hawley Explains Why He’ll Take To The Senate Floor To Defend Trump’s National Emergency

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri said he will stand with President Donald Trump and vote “no” on the Senate’s resolution of disapproval of his national emergency. “Look, first of all, we have a crisis at the border. And it’s clear to anybody who’s looked at the situation,” Hawley said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.” “Congress has heard testimony on this over ...

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Napolitano Says Prosecutors Can’t Get Away With Putting Cohen On The Stand Without Corroboration

Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said if prosecutors want to put attorney Michael Cohen on the stand they’ll need to produce corroborating evidence to back up his claims. Napolitano comments come after The Wall Street Journal reported that Cohen is set to testify Wednesday in front of the House Oversight Committee about possible illegal activities committed by President Donald Trump while he was in office. “We ...

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Former Boston PD Commissioner Says Jussie Smollett’s Lawyers Will Try To Smear The Police

Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis predicted attorneys for “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett will attempt to smear law enforcement in order to help their client. “When you have two young men who are giving you a statement, and you can go back and corroborate that statement with all that evidence you just mentioned, in addition to the documentary evidence and ...

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