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Huckabee Makes The Claim That Twitter Has Morphed Into A Public Utility

Former Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee said Twitter has become a public utility and is serving as a political arm of the Democratic Party.

“They may claim to be a private company, they may — and in fact be one, but they’ve become a public utility,” Huckabee said on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday.

“Here’s the big question, if they use the power of their utility to change the votes of people, to actually become a political arm, don’t they have to file political expenditure requirements? I mean, aren’t they going to have to do that?” he said. “Because if they are playing politics, they’ve got to live by the rules of politics and that is, you have to disclose your contributions.”

Huckabee said Twitter can’t have it both ways and must decide on an identity if it hopes to maintain its integrity.

“They are in essence a contributing force to the Democratic Party and a contributing force against Republicans,” he said, adding:

“So if they’re going to do that, then either own up to it and play big boy ball which means you file all the reports or else let them be governed by the government, which most of us don’t think we want the government involved. What we want is a company with integrity and they don’t have it right now.”

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