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Twitter Responds After Obama-Era State Dept Official Demands Company Nix Trump’s Tweets On Iran

Twitter is refusing to pull down President Donald Trump’s tweet threatening future strikes against Iran despite calls from an Obama-era official to do something about the president’s account. “The Tweets are not in violation of the Twitter Rules,” Twitter spokeswoman Katie Rosborough said Monday in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation. She was referring to a Jan. 4 ...

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Here’s Twitter’s Plan To Create A World Where Censoring Conservatives Is Unnecessary

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey proposed a plan Wednesday night that could potentially make moderating the giant company’s enormous platform a relic of the past. The tech giant is spearheading a coalition of researchers to construct an open and decentralized network that would, if successful, make Twitter one of several clients for the standard. Dorsey, for his part, said the network ...

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Echo Chamber: Twitter Is Changing Policy To Allow Users To Hide Replies

Twitter announced a new policy Thursday that will allow accounts to hide replies from trolls who are either trying to derail conversation or post irrelevant information. The massive social media platform initially beta-tested the policy in Canada in July before ultimately allowing every user to take part. Twitter laid out the details in a blog post Thursday, adding that the ...

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Twitter Addresses Deepfakes Months After Media Pundits Melted Down Over Doctored Pelosi Video

Twitter explained Monday how it will address the type of deepfake videos that caused a media firestorm for Facebook in May when an internet troll manipulated footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The company announced in a blog post that it will begin placing a notice next to tweets that share video content that looks real but is actually highly ...

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Google Considers Political Ad Policy Change As Democrats Worry About Potential Backlash

Google and Facebook are considering a change to their political ad policies that would alter micro-targeting, a form of advertising that allows organizations to tailor advertisements for specific groups. Google might change political ad policies related to what type of audiences ad buyers can target on the company’s platform, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, citing employees who are familiar ...

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Zuckerberg Takes A Free Speech Approach to Ad Content While Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Drops The Hammer

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey decided Wednesday to ban all political ads heading into the 2020 election even as his counterpart at Facebook defended a move to exempt politicians from fact checks. Dorsey noted in a long thread that politicians’ ability to use Twitter to target audiences through ads is different from advertising on broadcast TV or other television platforms. Politicians ...

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The Hypocrisy of the Outrage Mob is Getting Extremely Blatant

Over the past 24-hours, President Trump likened the impeachment inquiry to a modern “lynching.” The Democrats took to Twitter immediately and began condemning the president even though they have done the same thing in the past. Twitter was ablaze with alt-left activists and race hustlers who thought it proper to condemn President Trump for using the term. LISTEN:  What ...

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‘Startling’ Study Finds Drug Dealers Turning To Facebook, Twitter, Google To Sell Steroids

Drug dealers are using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube to sell illicit appearance and performance-enhancing drugs (APEDs). The Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) and cyber-intelligence firm GiPEC purchased some of the drugs being promoted on these sites and found some drugs contained potentially harmful steroids or were altogether fake. The social media sites’ policies state it ...

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What Could Go Wrong? Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft Meet With Intel Agencies To Prep For 2020

Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft met with U.S. intelligence in Washington, D.C., on Thursday to discuss plans to avoid the spread of misinformation ahead of 2020. The tech giants met with officials from the FBI, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), and Department of Homeland Security to explore ways to avoid security threats during the next presidential election, ...

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Allegedly Hacked, Tweets Offensive Posts About Black People [NSFW]

Warning: This article contains images displaying graphic language. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey alleges that he was hacked Friday afternoon when his account began posting offensive tweets insulting African-Americans. “[email protected]#k [email protected]@RS,” a tweet from his account states. Dorsey’s account also posted “[email protected]#k Voku black s$!t.” Dorsey’s account has tweeted roughly 18 tweets that appear to be suspicious, including a retweet of ...

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NYTimes Editor Under Fire for ‘Offensive’ Anti-Semitic Tweets

Ny Times Editor Offensive tweets

It is unclear where the leftist mobs disappear to when one of their own violates the PC culture. That question amplified when a New York editor was caught tweeting anti-Semitic tropes in his past. Yes, you heard, right. Another Democrat was discovered with some bad tweets. One of New York Times copy editors has offered a brusque apology after his ...

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Owner Of Twitter Account That Falsely Said Olive Garden Funds Trump Said She Was Hacked

The California community college professor whose Twitter account falsely said Olive Garden is financing President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign said her account was hacked. The now-deleted tweet, posted Sunday morning on Palo Verde College English professor Dennese Lilley-Edgerton’s account, said, “It would be terrible if you shared this and Olive Garden lost business,” after falsely saying the company was financing ...

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Twitter Reveals A Large State-Backed Chinese Misinformation Campaign Targeting Hong Kong

Twitter logo

Twitter disclosed more than 900 accounts originating from within China that deliberately attempted to promote disinformation in Hong Kong as activists engage in pro-democracy demonstrations in the region. The company’s disclosure consists of 936 accounts originating from inside the communist country. Twitter said in a blog post Monday that it has “reliable evidence to support that this is a coordinated ...

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Twitter, Blocked In China, Takes Ad Dollars From State Run Chinese Media

sad twitter

Twitter is promoting tweets from China’s largest state news agency that depict pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong as violent. The social media company is promoting the tweets even though Twitter is officially banned from China. Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Tumblr and Snapchat are also prohibited from doing business in the communist country. Pinboard, the bookmarking service entrepreneur and social critic ...

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Muslim-American Journalist Says Twitter Shadow-Banned Her After Asking Ilhan Omar For An Interview

Dalia Al-Aqidi, a Muslim, female journalist and refugee, was “shadow-banned” from Twitter after pressing Ilhan Omar for an interview. CAIR, a Muslim activist group, followed her just hours after her remarks, and she was banned soon after. CAIR previously got Laura Loomer kicked off Twitter, but said that was unusual. Al-Aqidi said she feels like a “child in a detention ...

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