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Twitter Locks Man’s Account After Revealing Ocasio-Cortez’s Boyfriend’s Government Email Address

Twitter suspended conservative political consultant Luke Thompson’s account on Friday after he revealed that Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend, Riley Roberts, has a government email account. Thompson posted a screenshot of a House directory that showed Roberts listed under “staff,” alongside a House email address for Roberts and the phone number for Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional office. Twitter claimed Thompson ...

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Feminist Writer Sues Twitter Over Ban For Transgender Tweets

Internet Privacy

Feminist writer Meghan Murphy sued Twitter on Monday for deceptive trade practices and breach of contract Twitter banned Murphy in November over tweets about transgender issues  “Twitter is quite literally enforcing a 1984-style version of newspeak, wherein we may not speak or name material reality,” Murphy told TheDCNF  Canadian feminist writer Meghan Murphy is suing Twitter after she was banned ...

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Twitter And Facebook Ding Network Of Accounts Tied To Russia And Iran

Facebook and Twitter said they coordinated efforts ahead of the 2018 elections to remove thousands of accounts tied to foreign governments that used similar tactics as were used in 2016, NBC reported Thursday. The Russian operation mirrored the operation undertook by the Internet Research Agency, an organization indicted for spreading misinformation before the 2016 election. The ploy in 2018 was less ...

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Twitter Suspends Suspicious Account That Helped Start The Covington Controversy

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Twitter suspended a suspicious account Monday responsible for framing the initial media narrative around the Covington Catholic High School students’ confrontation with Nathan Phillips. The social media platform suspended the account with the username @2020fight for suspicious activity after CNN Business alerted Twitter that, while the account bio said it belonged to a California school teacher named Talia, the profile’s picture ...

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What’s Acceptable On Social Media? Twitter’s Asking Conservatives For Input

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hosted dinners to pick the brains of conservative leaders including Grover Norquist about criticism over content policing or lack thereof, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, told The WSJ he asked for help for two unnamed “prominent conservatives” who faced setbacks when placing pro-life ads on Twitter. ...

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Twitter Dings 285,000 Different Accounts For ‘Hateful Conduct’ In Six Months

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Twitter took action against more than 285,000 different accounts for “hateful conduct” in the first six months of 2018, according to data the company released Wednesday night. Twitter dinged more accounts for “hateful conduct” — 285,393 to be exact — than for any other violation of Twitter rules during that time. That amounts to roughly 1,900 accounts per day that ...

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Twitter Reverses Ruling After Backlash, Concedes It’s Against The Rules To Wish Death Upon Dana Loesch’s Children

Dana Loesch - CPAC 2017

  by Peter Hasson Twitter reversed course on Monday and suspended a Twitter account that said National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch “has to have her children murdered.” “The only way these people learn is if it affects them directly,” Twitter user Milan Legius wrote in a reply to Loesch on Sunday. “So if Dana Loesch has to have ...

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Twitter’s Censorship Problem Looks Like It’s Here To Stay

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  by Peter Hasson Twitter sparked backlash after suppressing Republican congressmen as part of an algorithm change that cracks down on “bad-faith actors” Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz filed an FEC complaint against Twitter and Republican Rep. Devin Nunes is looking at “any legal remedies” available Other conservatives have faced censorship and suppression as well Twitter has stepped up its speech ...

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