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Here Are Steps America Can Take To Avoid Dustbin Of History

Plagued with inept leadership, a fractured society and an unstable economy, the once powerful, centuries-old Ottoman Empire was described by early 20th century contemporaries as the sick man of Europe. Then it collapsed into the dustbin of history.

America, take note. Consider what medicine needs to be administered in Washington to prevent a fatal malaise from taking down a great nation, for no country is immune to the Ottoman infection.

For the United States, it begins with returning to strategic energy independence. Through state-of-the art technology, we now have the means of not only meeting our domestic needs, but the ability to export oil to our allies. Doing so would replace the Russians and Iranians, whose energy stockpiles continue to be wielded as weapons against the West.

It has been estimated that were U.S. oil production allowed an open spigot, prices would go back down to $40 or $50 a barrel, nearly half its current $83. That price would cause economic cardiac arrests in Russia and Iran, leaving them unable to afford their global aggression against the West.

Next, the U.S. should return to a policy of strong economic growth. No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity. Let us unleash once again America’s best weapon: a creative, robust, open economic marketplace.

Washington needs to lower everyone’s taxes and tear up those mountains of regulations that are now throttling growth.

With a strong pro-growth agenda, it is equally important also to provide low-cost loans for business expansion.

We need to recognize that we are being challenged for global leadership by China and that they are engaged in espionage that transits every facet of our nation–from defense to AI to Wall Street. The Communist Chinese will continue to do their best to cripple and displace the U.S. technologicallymilitarily and economically.

While a strong American military is key, another means to confront this threat is to see the United States bring manufacturing back home. Where that is not feasible, one can partner with countries such as India, which are not dedicated to confronting the United States. Otherwise, keep the creation of basic necessities (such as medicine or computer chips) as home-grown domestic products.

If America is to remain recognizable as a sovereign nation, we need to secure our borders. It remains inconceivable that it is estimated we currently have more than 20 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., half of whom entered since 2021. The current condition of our city streets speaks to the chaos that has been created by White House border policies that are out of control and a national security risk.

Nations get sick. Those that refuse to recognize the lethal risk from these maladies and refuse to “take their medicine” run the risk of dying.

Just ask the Ottomans.

Lawrence Kadish serves on the Board of Governors of Gatestone Institute.

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