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The campus protesters are being organized by leftist organizations bent on destroying the Western way of life. Platforms like TikTok and college professors are a huge part of the brainwashing going on with our youth. Imagine being thought to hate the most free and prosperous country on earth while trying to change it into a tyrannical banana republic Sh*t-hole.

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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. The tip of the “iceberg” is the same nonsense just re-branded over and over from ANTIFA to BLM and now to the supporters of the Hamas butchers; funded by George Soros and progressive NGOs that should be prosecuted under the RICA Act because it is illegal to fund terrorist organizations. They teach racism and marxism coded as “critical race theory” and a world view the academics innocuously call “Intersectionality”. So what we are seeing is neither random nor organic, and it’s certainly not new. But it does expose what has been taught in universities and colleges across the country for decades. In the twisted world of Intersectionality, they call Israel’s oppressors and say that Hamas are the oppressed. It’s just plain marxism at work. It explains the twisted inversion of the truth when it was the Israelis that were brutally attacked and butchered in horrific ways . It’s a perfect statement of why we shouldn’t be so surprised at the explosion of Jew hate from leading Democrats and indoctrinated and ignorant college students. The leftwing (Democrats) teaching of “Intersectionality” divides the world into two groups; the oppressed (any racial, ethnic, or sexual minority de jour) and their oppressors. It now permeates ALL of our educational system (from college to elementary school), our government, and even many private companies where the “oppressors” are not just Jews, but also Caucasians.

    It goes hand in hand with the policies promoted by the Democrat’s and Biden’s ideology of DEI, which Biden has mandated in every Federal department and office in the country. And, ironically the “oppressors” are the two groups that are the most responsible for building modern civilizations and reducing poverty around the world. While all those “oppressed” groups, especially muslims, are most responsible for destroying civilizations around the world and keeping their populations mostly living in dictatorial theocracies or brutal totalitarian states or tribal and even “stone age” societies like Afghanistan or Somalia. And, oh yeah, just go and ask any native citizen in Europe how all that “compassionate” mass muslim immigration is working out. Or how’s it working out in our own Democrat controlled cities where violent crime is up 30% because of those “defund the police” and “no bail” policies instigated by the race baiting, marxist founders and supporters of BLM and other progressives who all preach the same “intersectionality”, “systemic racism”, and CRT bullshit. Think about it. From “Occupy Wall Street ”, to Antifa, to BLM, to the current anti-Israel and pro Hamas idiocy; it is all terrorist tactics from the same playbook. And the Democrats support all of it; the completely open border and mass illegal immigration, indoctrinating our youth, and illegal racism in the form of DEI. And unless it’s stopped, it’s not going to work out too well here either.

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