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Kasie Hunt Says Trump Has No Shot At Re-Election Because He’ll Never Be Able To Turn Key Voting Group


MSNBC host Kasie Hunt said President Donald Trump has no chance of winning re-election in 2020 because of his ratings among women.

Hunt was discussing a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll on “Morning Joe” Wednesday and said women are energized to vote against the Trump administration. The poll showed Trump with a 38 percent approval rating among women.

“The president can’t get re-elected with those numbers among women. It’s just not possible,” she said.

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“I mean they make up more than 50 percent of the electorate. We saw what happened in 2018,” Hunt continued. “Women energized to run against him and, you know, women who got out to vote and they voted against him pretty overwhelmingly. And I think that says a lot. And I don’t think you heard a lot of legitimate strategy there from [Trump 2020 senior adviser] Lara Trump in terms of how to kind of shift the winds here.”

Hunt asked if Donald Trump could sway women voters back to his side and co-host Mika Brzezinski said most Republican women she knows have left the party altogether.

“I also — I’m just not convinced that — and Mika, I’m interested to know what you think about this. Do you really think that Donald Trump can change how women feel about him?” Hunt said. “I mean, there is the economy X factor, right? If it continues to do well, I mean I think that is going to solidify his numbers kind of across the board, but I feel like most women I talk to certainly in both parties and voters out on the trail, they have a pretty strong opinion of him. And I don’t really see a lot of room for shifting on it.”

“A lot of my friends who are Republicans have left the party because of Trump, who are woman,” Brzezinski replied. “I’ve watched it in real time. It’s unbelievable.”

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  1. What woman in her right mind would vote for a Democrat, who encourages Mosley’s in our government?! My guess one who wouldn’t mind being beaten by her husband for not covering herself in public. (Maybe killing her) no punishment for him! Or perhaps to subject her children to genital mutilation! Don’t forget in the countries these people come from, women all dress in the hijab, the little spoiled progressive girls who are into the socialism movement, better not think she will be allowed to drive, shop or dress trendy! Oh no, that won’t happen! You can all enjoy wearing the hideous black bag and perhaps even the beautiful black covering worn by some! Laugh I don’t care. This will happen.

  2. Well Said Dawn.

    Many of the loud mouth far left leaning women are a threat to all the progress of the woman of the past oppression. As a matter of fact how will the woman of tomorrow have any rights at all with this looming tolerance to the Muslim, and spread of shariah law.

    Democrats used to be for the working class people getting a leg up. Not anymore, they are all about what they can get and their not so little groups of growing socialists.

  3. Yet, he won the last election against a highly favored woman. Reality and facts are irrelevant to liberals. History and logic don’t register with these intellectualized buffoons.

  4. Dawn C Lynge-Pruden

    I am woman, I was part of the movement that helped woman wear pants in school (in the 60’s) I helped woman burn their bras, I helped woman go into certain industries like drafting and engineering, but, I want NO PART of today’s woman, they make me ill, with their pink hats and private part displays, they have no ethics, no honor, no self-respect, I want no part of a woman that feels it is OK to abort a baby up and until just before (or after) birth,,, this modern day so-called woman are not woman, they are some strange biological mess with no heart and no empathy… I am woman they are not, hear ME roar and damit YES, I will vote for my President again and YES I pray for him and his family everyday especially against this new evil that permeates this land and calls themselves female!

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