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Breaking News! MSM report COVID Vaccine is dangerous!

MSM is now reporting the COVID Vaccine is dangerous – after reporting those who claimed the vaccine was dangerous were conspiracy theorists.

After the Wuhan Virus leak was detected, the Chinese Medical Team immediately stopped all domestic travel. But in its infinite wisdom, allowed international travel to continue, so the rest of the world could be infected .Then blamed the CIA For planting the virus.

In the USA, first respondents, soldiers, pilots, tourists nurses, children were required to be jabbed. But not Congress, Pfizer employees, USPS employees, or illegal aliens.

Meanwhile Pfizer, Moderna, J&J cha’ching! Pfizer sold $37.8 billion of its Covid vaccine in 2022,  a small increase of 3% compared with 202.

In 2020, the Chief medical officers who misled Canada through COVID-19 crisis. many are women even inspired T-shirt portraits and online fan clubs

Last year, over 330 COVID-19-related medical papers were retracted since the coronavirus pandemic began, oftentimes for scientific errors or ethical shortcomings, according to watchdog Retraction Watch.

But I told you so. Social media, including Twitter, Facebook and 
@LinkedIn called me a conspiracy theorist despite massive evidence to support the Theory of Unintended Consequences – I am still banned from @LinkedIn for this reason:  remember Asbestos? Remember DDT? Thousands of previously approved products were later found to be unsafe. In a relatively short time one third of the drugs approved by the FDA had issues: A 2017 study of drugs approved within a 10-year period found that the FDA announced alerts, warnings, or recalls on about one-third of them in the years after their approval. Some of the side effects were minor and easily managed

But the conspiracy-theory-proved-to-be-not-a-conspiracy is being debunked by uncovering thousands of lies one at a time.  Last year, a whistleblower came forward alleging the CIA offered officials a significant amount of money to cover up the source of the COVID virus  lab in Wuhan. “The Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have received new and concerning whistleblower testimony regarding the Agency’s investigation into the origins of COVID-19,” – letter to CIA Director William Burns from House COVID Subcommittee Chairman Brad Wenstrup & House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner. 

You may recall that at the onset of the pandemic, public health officials, corrupt politicians, MSM, Big Tech & Big Pharma, were in lockstep behind the lockdown-at-all-costs strategy, censoring contrarian views/ research that threatened the status quo, mine Even Today, @LinkedIn will ban you if you Challenge the medical establishment, including Drs Faucci, Gates and Tedros.

Pfizer’s Dr Becci Corkill refers to the Knowledge Doubling Curve as an enabler of innovation and reason consumers should not be afraid of the COVID Vaccine. The same people, after 120 billion births, claim that gynecologists have learned nothing. That pregnancy is too dangerous for would-be-mothers and hence worrying about pregnancy mortality.

Corkill’s essay is similar to ‘study’ of doctors encouraging the American public to eat ‘Bacon and Eggs’published in major newspapers and magazines of the time to great success. Beech-Nut’s profits rose sharply thanks to Bernays and his team of medical professionals. Pfizer, Moderna, J & J’s profits rose sharply after COVID

But now, MSM now say COVID Vaccine is dangerous without taking any responsibility- what changed?

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