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For Biden, Michigan Votes are More Important Than Israel

Israel is preparing to take their battle to obliterate Hamas to Rafa, and this does not sit well with Joe Biden. Even though an aid package for Israel has been approved by Congress and signed by Biden, the President is withholding military equipment from our number one ally in the Middle East. Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the campaign into Raffa today and sent a subliminal message to Joe Biden. Without mentioning the decision by Biden, Netanyahu told the world that they will continue their mission even if they have to do it alone. Joe Biden is destroying our relationship with Israel, and it is inexcusable but explainable. Joe Biden is more concerned with votes in Michigan than the safety and sovereignty of Israel. Joe Biden should be impeached for abandoning Israel, and where is Chuck Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish member of Congress, with a condemnation of Biden’s actions?

Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have been trying to micromanage Israel’s retaliation against Hamas. As I have written previously, neither of these men is in any position to tell any country how they should handle their military strategy. Biden has political pressure to get Israel to cease this conflict as soon as possible. That is not what Israel needs or wants. They want Hamas gone, just like we wished to have Al-Qaeda gone after 9-11. If any country had attempted to restrict our efforts, we would have told them precisely what Israel is telling us. Thanks, but we have this. Now, get out of our way.

Joe Biden has Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) looking over his shoulder, and he is petrified of her power base in Michigan. Biden already experienced Tlaib’s influence with the Michigan Primary. Tlaib got over 100,000 Democrats to vote for “Anyone except Biden.” If Biden does not appease Tlaib and she pulls the same trick out of her bag for the Presidential election, Biden could very well lose Michigan to Trump.

Tlaib and her followers support Palestinians and want an end to this conflict. They are not concerned with the Hamas invasion of October 7 or the attacks of Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, which recognizes the end of the genocide of Jews by Hitler. At that time, the world pledged, “Never again.” According to Benjamin Netanyahu, “Never again is now.” With this declaration, Netanyahu is committing to all Israelis that Israel is intent on destroying any future threat from Hamas.

Some of Biden’s most lucrative sponsors also fund these illegal encampments and college protests nationwide. Biden is between a rock and a hard place, or to be more specific, he is between votes/money and the best interests of Israel and America. Biden has no spine and concentrates on retaining power and office. He has to get these situations under control before the DNC Convention in Chicago this summer. If not, the optics will harm him badly. When he finally spoke out on the campus unrest last week, he condemned antisemitism but also anti-Islamic words or actions. There has been no anti-Islamic activity in these campus actions, and he was covering all bases. What it showed was weakness.

Biden has to make a decision. He is either going to shut down these college actions and support Israel or satisfy his critics. Even considering a choice is not presidential, and that is why he should not be given a second term.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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