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Electoral College Was ‘Conceived In Sin’ And Meant To Keep Black People Down, Says Steve Cohen

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee said the electoral college was “conceived in sin” and claimed it was invented to keep black people down.

“This is all conceived in sin and perpetuating slavery on the American people and on the African-American people, directly,” Cohen said on “CNN Right Now” Tuesday.

“We need to give the people who understand from town halls like Elizabeth Warren had in Memphis on Sunday and in Jackson, and I think today in Birmingham, the opportunity to vote. And as Senator Warren said, this doesn’t give the people in New York and Chicago and Los Angeles the right to decide who wins. It gives everybody that’s not in one of the — the targeted states in the Electoral College the opportunity to have their vote count.”

Cohen said people in his home state of Tennessee don’t see their vote count because the majority usually votes Republican.

“The people in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Republicans and conservatives live there too and vote there as well,” he said.

“But right now people in Tennessee don’t count because we know that state’s going to go Republican. But if it’s a popular vote people will come to Tennessee to get those votes in Memphis and other places, and it’ll be a much more Democratic system and fair, and the American people need to take control of their government that’s being lost to entities that have really eliminated the middle class.”

Despite Cohen’s campaign to dissolve the electoral college, he admitted the process would be difficult and expressed doubt about getting enough votes to enact lasting change.

“It certainly would be difficult. You have to amend the Constitution and that requires getting a number of votes in Congress,” he said earlier in the interview.

“That’ll be difficult but possible. But it means to get three-quarters of the states and that’ll be difficult because enough of the states get an advantage in electing the president, that they may not want to give that up and probably won’t. A way to get around it is the compromise. Colorado and a few states have tried to start a compact to say that if states with a total of 270 or more electoral votes agree then these all states will come together and give their vote to the winner of the popular vote.”

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  1. Since it predates black people being considered people at all, and able to vote, the claim is ludicrous.

    I suspect he wants use to forget his party started a war to keep slavery.

  2. What kind of nut jobs are being elected to congress? It is very apparent they flunked civics and american history. I doubt the founding fathers were giving little if any thought to blacks when they wrote the constitution. They were a little busy forming a new nation where at that time slavery was an accepted practice. Maybe snowflakes like Cohen could learn something by reading history.

  3. FAKE Jew Bro. Those that say they are of our brother Juda but do lie and are the Synagogue of Satan. You know, good figs and bad figs. You find them primarily between the producers and consumers like this deluded tribal member. Creating and contributing nothing but skimming off people by any means possible ( Similar to a Demo-socialist). They can only exist around large concentrations of people since the earth cannot produce for them after daddy Cain killed his half brother Abel. You were a farmer but now you can’t even grow grass so group those together that can, start a city, and then tax, lie cheat, deceive, and steal for your bread. Religious jealousy , hatred , and animosity. Claiming to be Jewish but living like a devil and in plain site while good Christians will rise up and fight to defend them with their time, talent, and treasury. Perfect parasitic Tares.
    Harvest time is close and who did the Master direct his servants to gather first and throw into the fire in the seed sower parable?

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