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Former ICE Supervisor Claims America Needs More Than Just A Border Wall To Be Secure

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement supervisor Jason Piccolo said America will need more than just a border wall if it wants to defend its sovereignty, during an interview on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

Piccolo was discussing an MS-13 gangster who was murdered by members of his own gang and said the U.S. needs more resources to combat illegal immigration.

“We need more resources. It’s not just the wall we need. We need more special agents. We need more officers to dismantle these organizations,” he said. “And then we also need optics. If you come here, you’re not going to get some sort of benefit. Right now the thing is if you come across the border, they think they’re going to get a benefit.”

Piccolo also highlighted the danger of MS-13 and said this type of killing is commonplace among gang members.

“Their mantra is kill, rape, control,” he said earlier in the interview. “This same thing happened last year. I don’t know if the victim last year wanted to get out of the gang or was even associated with the gang, but he was stabbed 100 times, dismember and decapitated. You’re seeing this all over the place.”

Piccolo called for bipartisan immigration reform but said it’s unlikely to happen given the partisan gridlock in Washington.

“The thing is we need that bipartisan immigration reform,” he said. “We’ve been talking about it ever since I became a guest on here last year. It’s just — how is it ever going to happen? Right now you can’t do anything, get any laws passed even if you piecemeal it.”

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