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The Climate Hucksters Are Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud — They Want Fewer People


Vice President Kamala Harris recently said the quiet part of the climate agenda out loud – “reduce population.” Many climate alarmists believe there are too many CO2 emitting people on earth. They aren’t supposed to say this out loud because it will repel voters and is downright evil. Of course, they believe that it will be millions of other people eliminated, not them. Kind of what some found out too late leading up to World War Two.

The climate alarmists are attacking the very things we need to move the last 9.2% of the 8 billion of us out of extreme poverty. They are attacking fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas – that provide us with 80% of our energy. They want to end their use before there is replacement energy. They are even attacking our food supply by attempting to greatly reduce or end fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertilizers that feed half the world. 

Abundant affordable energy and food are needed for the good lives the vast majority of us enjoy. No one wants to go back to the days of subsistence farming and burning dung, wood, and crop waste to cook food and warm homes. Like two billion have to do today. These energy and food underprivileged, want more energy and food, not less. And they are ramping up their coal use to get it.

More fuel creates the ability to move out of poverty. Less fuel will tank our economy by causing energy shortages, high prices, and food shortages. 

Like what is happening in Europe. They are going through deindustrialization. Communist China, our totalitarian rival and international bully is happy to take the West’s money and make us things with coal electricity, slave labor and little environmental protections. 

China burns 4.5 billion tons of coal and emits more CO2 than the US and the next 27 industrialized nations combined. Do climate alarmists give them a bye on CO2 emissions because they are already a totalitarian regime?

Because they are secretly funding the West’s anti-fossil fuel mania for their benefit? 

Make no mistake. In order to reach net zero, that they are advocating, they will have to ration each of our CO2 output and ration population, like China did. Getting to net zero is the stated aim of the false climate emergency the alarmists have laid out. Net zero is not possible, will not make any difference to the temperature, will rob us all of our freedom – except the elites – and the prosperity we enjoy. 

These climate doomsters ignore the fact that more people are living longer, eating better, and prospering than at any time in history. They ignore the fact that CO2 is routinely added to greenhouses to greatly increase plant production.

NASA tells us “the world is significantly greener” because of additional CO2. A greener, more food producing world is better for the planet, wildlife, and people. 

We are growing more food on the same amount of land than ever before. Because of the growing CO2 in our air, the use of fossil fuel derived fertilizers that can’t be replaced by manure, irrigation, and better plant genetics.

There are plenty of resources on earth for the world’s population to grow and prosper.

Unless we let climate alarmist’s policies wreck our economy, our energy and food supply, and our national security. Like energy and economic disasters in Sri Lanka and South Africa

Instead of wasting trillions on an impossible nightmare of net zero (no man released CO2) we should be working to improve the sustainable use of earth’s resources and making people’s lives better, not worse. 

We should mitigate climate issues. Like the Dutch did 600 years ago when rising sea levels and sinking land threaten Netherlands. They didn’t try to stop the seas from rising like King Canute thought he could. 

Climate policies come at a high cost to our wallets, freedom, and our way of life. No more steaks and beers for us.

We have been lied to. Without massive taxpayer subsidies and favorable laws, wind, solar and batteries are wildly expensive and will at least triple our electricity and energy costs in the next decade.

This will hurt the poor the most. The very people the Democrats pander to for votes. High energy costs hurt them the most because they spend the greatest portion of their incomes on energy. Which they need for climate-controlled homes, cooking and getting to work and school.

They got these ideas from people like Dr. Paul Ehrlich that predicted famine and crisis by now because of overpopulation. 60 Minutes just had him on and never asked him why he was so spectacularly wrong. They gave him a platform to spread more doom and gloom.

Yet, we have just the opposite, more people, better fed than ever. Thanks to abundant affordable energy and an ever-increasing food supply. This is what the climate alarmists’ policies will end. We are in danger!

It is time to end this climate hysteria that is harming us all. Before it is too late.

Frank Lasee is a former Wisconsin state senator and former member of Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.

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  1. OK by me. Lets start with Kamel Toe and her boss, Joe Bribem, the illegitimate president. As they say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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