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Twitter’s Chief Censor Met Weekly With US Intelligence Officials While Trump Was In Office, Internal Comms Reveal

Twitter’s former Head of Trust and Safety, Yoel Roth, had weekly meetings with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) at least as far back as 2020, when former President Donald Trump was still in office, internal communications between Twitter staff obtained by journalist Matt Taibbi Friday reveal.

Yoel participated in one such weekly meeting shortly after the company’s moderation team was thrown into a crisis following its decision to suppress an October 2020 New York Post story concerning a laptop owned by Hunter Biden, according to Taibbi. Roth appeared to explicitly ask the government officials in the meeting to “share anything useful” concerning the laptop story, but they apparently declined to do so.

“We blocked the NYP story, then we unblocked it (but said the opposite), then we said we unblocked it… and now we’re in a messy situation where our policy is in shambles, comms is angry, reporters think we’re idiots, and we’re refactoring an exceedingly complex policy 18 days out from the election. In short [fuck my life],” Roth apparently wrote in an internal message, Taibbi reported. “Weekly sync with FBI/DHS/DNI re: election security. The meeting happened about 15 minutes after the aforementioned Hacked Materials implosion; the government declined to share anything useful when asked.”

Roth’s weekly meetings with government officials may have involved separate meetings, with not all agencies present, Taibbi reported. “I have to miss the FBI and DHS meetings today, unfortunately,” Roth wrote to a Twitter staffer, indicating that the two agencies may not have been scheduled to meet with him at once.

The FBI also reported tweets to Twitter, one of which former Republican Councilor John Basham of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, posted, which alleged that “Between 2% & 25% Of Ballots By Mail Are Being REJECTED For Errors!” according to Taibbi. After deliberation, the team applied a “Learn how voting is safe and secure” label to Bashman’s tweet at Roth’s discretion, with one employee noting internally “it’s totally normal to have a 2% error rate,” Taibbi reported.

Another FBI-reported tweet was related to allegations that mail in ballots were being subjected to “shredding,” that had been “proven to be false,” according to one Twitter employee, citing a PolitiFact article, and requested “a moment” for the team to take action on it, Taibbi reported. Taibbi did not indicate whether or not the company took action on this particular tweet.

“Examining the entire election enforcement Slack, we didn’t see one reference to moderation requests from the Trump campaign, the Trump White House, or Republicans generally,” Taibbi tweeted. “We looked. They may exist: we were told they do. However, they were absent here.”

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  1. The FBI and the DOJ are now provably weaponized against the political opposition. Someone please tell me how that is any different from how the Stasi in East Germany operated or the KGB in Russia. There are never any consequences for Democrats but Republicans are subject to dozens of highly publicized FBI SWAT style raids, indictments, and even jail time. There were no consequences for the head of the FBI and dozens of his agents who, in collusion with Hillary Clinton and all the Democrats and all the mainstream and social media lied about a fake “dossier” and instituted a failed “Special Prosecutor” and two unsuccessful impeachments to oust a duly elected President. No consequences for Hillary deleting subpoenaed documents on her illegal server. And no consequences for Hunter flying around the world with his Dad on Air Force 2 making illegal “pay for play” deals worth tens of millions with hostile foreign powers. Deals that his Dad lied and said he knew nothing about, even though he got his 10% cut and can be seen meeting with Hunter’s business partners. Of course, now we know that the FBI told Facebook to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story and gets private information from Facebook on conservative users in return. Twitter met with the FBI weekly to decide what stories to label as “disinformation” and also conspired with the FBI and all the Democrats and all the mainstream media to bury the Hunter Biden story to throw the 2020 election.

    And, oh yeah, the second biggest donor to the Democrat party (just behind George Soros) Sam Bankman-Fried, literally steals more billions than Bernie Madoff but is still walking free (his properties and computers never subjected to an FBI raid) and is rubbing elbows with high level Democrats like the Chairwomen of the “House Financial Services Committee”, Maxine Waters who is supposed to prevent such fraud. But never mind, because Musk says he donated a billion dollars to the Democrats and SBF is still enjoying his orgy compound in the Bahamas and that money was already spent to influence the mid-terms. It may already be game over as it is almost impossible to see how we can recover from these levels of deception, corruption, conspiracy, subterfuge, and outright totalitarianism.

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