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Putin Is Pure Evil, But People Like Joey Biden Are The Real, Existential Problem With The World

Although Vladimir Putin has never done anything bad to me, I know he’s pure Hitler-level evil, and I’d like to see him terminated and his body left on the steppes of Russia for the crows to feast on.

But, again, Putin has done nothing bad to me or my life (nor has he done anything bad in the lives of decent, non-woke, non-progressive Americans), but Joey Biden has.

Anyone with an ounce of good sense knows that in the span of five years, from 2017 to 2022, life in America went from free, comfortable and pleasant to down-right nasty, because in that span of years we had Donald Trump making life better for the most part of it, and whispering Joey Biden ruining the last year of it. That one, single year (2021) saw all of Trump’s good deeds in making a recovery from the backwards Obama years completely reversed by the first year of the Biden administration. And Putin was the ruling dictator for the entire span of the Obama, Trump and Biden administrations, so we can’t blame Putin for all of the declines we’ve seen this past year of the weeping Biden administration.

Here are some indisputable facts about Joey Biden that make him more dangerous to Americans than Vladimir Putin:

Putin didn’t open the southern border of the United States, Biden did.

Putin didn’t deprive America of the gasoline Americans need to conduct our daily lives, Biden did.

Putin didn’t call the January 6th rioters insurrectionists and destroy their lives, Biden did.

Putin didn’t construct fencing around the Capitol building and call in the national guard following January 6th, and then throw up the fencing again because the peaceful truckers are headed to our nation’s capitol, Biden did.

Putin didn’t issue a mandate that everyone wear a completely useless face mask, Biden did.

Putin didn’t mandate that all Americans be vaccinated with a drug that is in no way a vaccine and is at best a therapeutic and nothing more, while that same drug is in fact making big pharma and D.C. politicians wealthy as kings because the leftist politicians have mandated its use, and Biden was the main cause of that forced usage.

Putin hasn’t chartered busses and jet aircraft to move and silently relocate illegal aliens around the nation in order to avoid the CNN photographs of chain-link cages housing those who illegally crossed the border, something that Obama initiated with no fan-fare from the Democrat press and that Trump was criticized for doing by those same far-left fools, but Biden has.

Putin hasn’t caused run-away inflation in America, Biden has.

Putin couldn’t have caused the destruction, suffering and death we’ve witnessed in Ukraine if Trump had been president in 2022, but Biden is in the White House, and Putin used Biden’s weakness to unjustifiably attack Ukraine.

Putin hasn’t proposed trillions of dollars in wasteful, leftist taxing and spending in America, but Biden has.

Putin hasn’t proposed a radical change from gasoline powered automobiles to electric cars in America, thereby threatening the tourism industry and automotive convenience for Americans, but Biden has, and he’s using the heavy hand of government to assure that these poorly thought-out, unwise moves be made, in the name of the lie of warming/change.

Although Putin has made a larger and more murderous military mistake by attacking Ukraine, he didn’t make the catastrophic blunder of ignorance that Biden made with his withdrawal from Afghanistan. Only our jitter-stepping Joey could have done such a dumb thing, and caused the deaths of thirteen American military heroes through his stupidity.

Putin didn’t reopen our southern border to the illegal and deadly drugs and human trafficking that had been halted by Donald Trump, Biden did.

Putin didn’t make the common sense faux pas that caused France to withdraw its ambassador from America for the first time ever, but Biden did.

Putin doesn’t stumble, mumble and stutter-step through each day, embarrassing his nation in his state of mental decline, but Biden does.

Putin hasn’t been kind and cozy to the slavers in China in order to protect the personal wealth of his family, but Biden has, and has been especially protective of Hunter Biden and the millions of dollars in illegal handouts awarded him from China, in exchange for the influence Hunter‘s father is able to offer to the Commies.

Putin didn’t cause the increasing dependence of Americans on the Socialist tendencies of our leftist government, which has caused joblessness and homelessness in mainly Democrat-run cities, but Biden has.

Putin didn’t encourage the idiotic verbiage and posturing of the AOC/Bernie crowd, but Biden gave life to these fools’ destructive ideas in order to get himself elected.

It wasn’t Putin who ignored the burning, rioting and killing in America from Seattle to Baltimore in 2020, which Donald Trump attempted to end but got no response from the Democrat mayors of the cities nor the Democrat governors of the states involved, but it was the silence of Biden, wearing a mask and huddling in his Delaware basement the entire time, who allowed it to continue.

Putin didn’t repeatedly declare the need to “Defund The Police“, but it was Biden and his far-left cohort of fools who took this position, which they are now trying to take back and pretend never happened considering Biden‘s horrible poll numbers, which are destroying his corrupt presidency.

And in Putin’s current military attack on Ukraine, there is no way Donald Trump would be helping the Russian dictator pay for his murderous actions by buying Russian oil, because America would have remained energy self-sufficient under Trump’s leadership, and would not be begging Putin to, please, sell us more of Russia’s dirty oil, as Biden is doing.

In fact I don’t believe there is any way Putin could ever have so successfully destroyed the pleasant lives that America provides to law-abiding citizens and couldn’t have thoroughly torn up our constitution, like Biden has done in just one short year.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Well said!!! People like Joey are more concerned with the precise way to hold one’s hands when addressing the nation, and they place far more value on elevated prose than they place on life, itself. Being self-sufficient in oil, gas and other petroleum derivatives eliminates having to rely on despotic countries for our energy. America wants the greenies to get a life. We want to live our lives free from the environmental despots. We are good people searching for good leadership!

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