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Biden And His Just-Discovered New-World-Order

In a speech given on March 21st, slow-Joe Biden predicted that a new world order, which he, in his superior intelligence and great understanding confidently asserts, occurs every third or fourth generation, is developing, and he insists that “we’ve” got to lead it, and “we’ve” got to unite the rest of the world in doing “it”, whatever that word soup means.

Hitler created a new-world-order based on National Socialism. Stalin pushed a new-world -order of Communism and Iran is pushing a new-world-order of terrorism and is currently and pleasantly working with the Russians and Putin’s new-world-order of Sovietism, with Joey allowing the Russians to speak and negotiate on America‘s behalf to reach a nuclear weapons agreement with the murderous Iranian radicals. What could possibly go wrong with this demented arrangement, which is supported by our struggling president and his newly designed, new-world-order?

A new-world-order is nothing new in this violent world, but what is new is the position of an American president who shares an authoritarian philosophy that only the rulers of nations can decide how their citizens will be allowed to live, in direct contradiction to our constitution, which explicitly allows for the citizens of America to pursue their own happiness. But instead of Joey blaming one of these new-world-orders on the tyrants who are creating them, it could be that he intends to, or perhaps already has, created a new-world-order himself. But with Joey‘s scatter-brained, illiterate syntax, and the way he speaks in partial sentences and mixes up words, all we can do is try to interpret his words from various perspectives.

As usual, muddle-headed Joey mumbled, was vague and often less than specific in his selection of words spoken in the speech. He didn’t say who the “we” entity is that was threatening our way of life, nor was he specific as to what “we” means when opposing the new-world-order, or supporting it, whichever way Joey intended his vague words to be taken, but I’m sure he was proud of being able to weakly put a few sentences together and complete this idiotic and confusing speech without falling asleep. But regardless of any confusion on the part of Joey, Americans have seen plenty of evidence this past year that his own Democrat party is the organization that will end freedom and liberty in the United States as they finalize this new-world-order that Biden has already begun imposing on America via his radical and too-numerous executive orders.

Some examples of Joey’s new-world-order ideas: Our beloved president has spoken and brokered deals with the Chinese and Iranian governments, who would only be too happy and willing to join him in the destruction of everything good in the world. But so far our pudding-headed president (along with his absolutely stupid VP) and the leftist Democrat party, have done a good job of ending prosperity and liberty in America all by themselves, and appear to not need the assistance of any other tyrants to kill our economy and our constitutional rights.

Joey has excitedly invited the entire world to cross our southern border, to the tune of at least two million people crossing illegally last year and a much greater number of invaders crossing this year. He has shown our foreign enemies that he is a weak fool of a leader, with his incompetent handling of Afghanistan and slowness in providing weapons to Ukraine. He has done everything in his power to generate domestic inflation, most noticeably with high gas prices and increasing food costs, which are driving the least wealthy Americans into poverty and bankruptcy. He has specifically begun the process which will assure less oil and gasoline to be produced, which means there will be less gas and diesel fuel to power our personal transportation and the transit of our food and living goods, and our president will likely soon declare a health and climate crisis emergency in America, which will curtail or prohibit the use of gasoline-powered cars, and will leave individuals who drive internal combustion vehicles stranded at home with no transportation available to them. But just wait until the fancy people who drive electric vehicles realize that their home electric bill will skyrocket as they charge those expensive vehicles, and that America’s electric grid and our coal-powered and natural gas power-generating capacity is swamped by those with enough money to buy and charge their electric cars, causing power brown-outs and black-outs and eventually leaving electric vehicles without AC power to do anything, because wind and solar aren’t sufficient to keep up with the increased load on our coal- and natural gas-powered electricity plants as tens of thousands of electric vehicles are recharged.

But our confused president either said “we” (meaning his administration or a new cabal of like-minded authoritarian national leaders yet to be identified) will lead the new-world-order, or oppose it, when what America has always done is to oppose new-world-orders of tyrants in order to protect our existing wealth and freedom with that opposition. The old-world-order, which began after World War II and had America as its leader in seeking democracy and freedom for all nations, has served America well, so does Joey want a new, “new-world-order”, still to be developed and defined, or shall we stick with the old one designed with the United States constitution as a guide, which Joey swore to protect and defend, but has neither protected nor defended in his first year as president?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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