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Maybe Biden Knows Something About National Security He’s Not Telling Us

Maybe Old Weeping Joey is more clever than he’s given credit for. The thing that most frightens China and Russia is a strong and free America whose personal freedoms on the part of its citizens may tempt the Chinese and Russian citizens to want to overthrow their dictatorial governments in a desire to be free like Americans are.

As a result, old Joey may be more clever than we realize, by ignoring our constitutional rights and mandating things that have never been controlled by government in our history. So once America’s liberties go away, the United States will no longer be a threat to Russia and China, and voila: peace is achieved. Could that be what our mentally challenged president has in mind?

After all, we don’t see the current dictatorial states of Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia or China threatening each other, so maybe Joey is just trying to make America safe from an attack from our current enemies by making our nation more like theirs, while at the same time making us less free within our own borders. In Joey’s wisdom, it’s a tradeoff of safety and security on the one hand, for less liberty to vote and move about our nation freely on the other, all for the sake of national security.

History may actually support Joey’s theory: rarely have leftist dictators attacked each other, as Hitler and Stalin did in World War II. And make no mistake about it, fighting between Germany’s National Socialism and Russia’s Communism in 1941 was indeed one far-left government attacking and killing another far-left government. But war was already underway when Hitler made his surprising move on Russia, because poor old Adolph needed territory and a victory quickly, so it was a bit of an unusual situation for the thugs involved in that battle, that made their fighting unique among dictatorships.

So, for better or worse, and American citizens can be sure it’s going to be worse rather than better, our president is dividing America and socializing our laws and our economy, but at least we’ll be controlled by our own woke, racist, prejudiced leftists, not a Russian nor a Chinese leftist.

The stumbling block with Joey’s mandatory and unconstitutional rulings is that only a fool would exchange liberty for security, because once liberty is lost, security is in the hands of the dictator, and there is no security at all in that indefensible situation.

But just remember what the old-west cowboys said when it was time for a cattle round-up and they had their branding irons heated up preparing to brand some steers: Boys, LET’S GO BRANDIN’.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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