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Americans Deal Major Blow to Democrats’ Agenda in Tuesday Elections

While the Virginia gubernatorial race was front-and-center Tuesday night, it wasn’t the only ballot that Americans used to send Democrats a strong message: they don’t like the left’s extremist agenda – any of it.

Sure, Glenn Youngkin – a no-name no-one from somewhere, Virginia – defeating former governor Terry McAuliffe in the blue state is important and indicative. But let’s be honest, McAuliffe was an even worse candidate than Biden. He went all-in with anti-white rhetoric (a.k.a critical race theory) and told parents to buzz off when it comes to their kids’ education. That was never going to work. Ok, but Republicans also took Lt. Governor and Attorney General in the state.

But, what about New Jersey? That should have been a solid win for incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy. Should have been…

Screengrab: CNN

Things didn’t get any better for Democrats in the district and local races.

House District 118, in solid blue southwest San Antonio, Texas, isn’t solid blue anymore. Republican John Lujan flipped TX-118 to red last night.

In Minneapolis, voters rejected a measure to disband their police department and replace it with some woke nonsense.

Will the Democrats reconsider their unpopular, overwoke, anti-American agenda? Perhaps. Joe Biden is apparently taking the day to contemplate the disaster that unfolded last night.

In all likelihood, the left-wing extremists will double-down on stupid and/or repackage it under a misleading name. The center-left of the party, however, will become more center and less left. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema may become the new team captains for Democrats that don’t want to get thrown out of office in 2022.

Republicans also have a few lessons to learn from the Youngkin campaign.

First, alienating Trump voters is a mistake. Youngkin focused on issues that matter to working-class families, didn’t tie his wagon to the Trump train, but also didn’t verbally distance himself from the former president. He just didn’t mention Trump, at all.

Second, issues matter – four, in fact. Education and the economy are tied for the top spot with national security and illegal immigration coming up close behind. That’s right, the economy is first, not the United Nations Cow Fart Reduction Initiative or whatever other price-hiking, ill-conceived, bullcrap program the Globalists are pushing now.

Biden’s agenda is going to need some serious repackaging. Manchin successfully stalled it until after the November results were in knowing that it would kill that insane monstrosity.

Wednesday is a brighter day and I’ll be consuming a bunch of popcorn while watching Democrats re-jigger their entire agenda in the wake of Red Tuesday.

Let’s go Brandon.

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  1. Demwits need this smack upside their heads. If they continue their outrageous agendas in lieu of the needs of their constituents, there will be consequences. Confident they are up in New Jersey stealing an election, thieves that they are! Good on Virginia.

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