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New NBC News poll says what we all knew: Joe Biden is a failure

It must have killed NBC’s Chuck Todd to share the latest poll information from NBC News. On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Todd shared how Biden’s approval rating is still low, but that Americans, including a majority of Democrats, have lost confidence in Biden’s ability to lead our nation.

Perhaps those mean tweets were not so bad after all.

In the data, the President was said to be incompetent, leading our nation in the wrong direction, and unable to lead our nation through a crisis. Is that not what people on the right were saying ahead of the election?!

As the data continued, Republicans held double-digit leads in voter preference in every category, such as inflation, national security, crime, border security, the economy, and actually getting things done.

But we are supposed to believe that over 80 million people voted for this Biden regime that we currently have.

Democrats were preferred by voters on the things like abortion, coronavirus, education, and climate change. In other words, they were leading in anything related to special interest groups. If it related to things that affect Americans every day, Republicans were preferred.

The new poll data comes as Biden and the Democrats are facing significant backlash over their spending bill proposals. Progressives want massive spending, but Democrats are unable to pass it among their division.

The White House is also dealing with fallout regarding Biden’s recent visit with the Pope.

Rumors around Italy are sharing that Joe Biden had an apparent bathroom accident that extended his visit with the Pope. Apparently, it required a change of suit while he was there.

Of course, no mainstream media outlets are covering this. Mainstream media was prevented from taking part in the event, even after the Vatican promised access in the days before.


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  1. Gee, that’s a surprise. The guy’s been wrong about EVERYTHING for five decades and people expected more of him now that his synapses are scrambled? Idiots!

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