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The People, More Than Our Elected Leaders, Are To Blame

The Blue State Conservative

I fear the end of the American Republic and this great experiment. Not because of who is in charge, but because of who wants these people in charge.

Each year, a handful of surfers are attacked by sharks. It’s sad, scary, and despite the astronomically low odds of it happening, is the reason why I don’t go into the ocean farther than I can touch bottom. Sharks get the water, I get the land, and I am good with that arrangement.

When a shark attack occurs, I never see anger directed at the shark. Sympathy for the victim and a retelling of the frightening encounter are shared, both without even an utterance of animus toward the perfected predators of the ocean. A quick web search for “shark attack” reveals headlines that certainly inspire visceral reactions among the readers, but anger is not one of the emotions elicited.

The rhetorical “why?” could be asked, but we all intuitively know the answer. Sharks hunt for food. Surfers in their wetsuits and on their boards resemble this food. We take a chance getting in the water. In nearly every case, a shark attack is an accident; the sharks mistake their bipedal prey for a scrumptious swimmer. We can’t get mad at a shark for behaving exactly like a shark ought to and does behave. To think otherwise would be insane.

I dedicated three meandering paragraphs to serve as a preamble to this fundamental understanding of representative democracy: Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, Justin Trudeau, London Breed, Lori Lightfoot, Muriel Bowser, along with every other incompetent, hypocritical, elitist, and virtue-signaling fool, are the sharks in this analogy. Power-hungry, immoral politicians are going to act just as we imagine a power-hungry, immoral politician would. We feign surprise, but why?

We get mad with the system and those for whom we vote when they let us down. And we should be mad. These people deserve every ounce of our contempt, but they are not wholly what’s wrong with the system. It is equally, if not more so, the fault of the ignorant and selfish fools that vote for them – over and over again. Did we miss Biden’s mental collapse? Did we not see how AOC was a self-serving fraud? Pelosi nothing more than a legacy politician?

It’s all right there, out in the open. We can see the sharks prowling and go surfing anyways.

This isn’t to say Joe Biden is innocent in this disastrous administration or that London Breed should be free of critique in the wake of her latest Covid scandal and horrendous apology. (Side note: Her reply that she had to break the rules because the truly terrible Tony! Toni! Toné! regrouped stands on the podium of the worst responses to Democrat PR nightmares. Kamala “I haven’t been to Europe, either” Harris and Joe “that was four or five days ago” Biden complete the trio.)

But let’s not forget how each of these dangerous clowns assumed their positions in the first place.

Do politicians lie? Do we mistakenly believe they will kick out lobbyists and build walls? Yes and yes, but again, it’s not a secret that politicians campaign on empty promises. It’s not wrong to hope for the best – we wanted lobbyists evicted from D.C, we wanted a wall built, we fully believed our taxes would remain untouched and vaccines would be optional – but at the end of the day, is anyone shocked when a campaign promise goes bust, especially by a self-serving Marxist?

If the same shark swam by a surfer for ten straight days without harming him, would we suddenly be surprised it attacked on the eleventh day?

There is relatable contempt toward Justin Trudeau’s victory in Canada. He has decimated the Canadian economy and spirit through the worst Covid policies in North America. He is a bumbling idiot whose father’s name has propelled him to stations far beyond what he deserves. He wears blackface as much as RuPaul wears dresses.

Equally so, there is enough understandable fury for London Breed and her brazen violation of her own mandates, made worse by her juvenile explanation. In a sane and better world, forget leading a city, people like Breed would barely be qualified to mop the floors in city hall.

Joe Biden, well, he would be the last guy picked for a retirement home’s shuffleboard tournament. President of the United States? It’s laughable. And yet here we are, being represented by an absolute embarrassment of a man who was already an idiot to begin with, and we somehow want to ignore the fact that people voted for him? We all saw what Joe was and what he stood for; none of his tenure in the Oval Office should even remotely be a shocker.

Donald Trump lit a political fire under our haunches and Larry Elder’s campaign continued to expose how vile and illogical Critical Race Theory is, but at the end of the day, win or lose, they are just one person. Joe Biden is just one person. We need tens of millions of people to wake up and do the right thing.

I write these posts because I have to believe in and fight for the American experiment, but unfortunately I won’t be surprised when it fails. The more sharks we find in the ocean, the more idiots want to go surfing.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. Parker, YOU MADE MY DAY!!! I have ‘preached’ this principle to the chior for years, yet never as eloquently and consise as you have here. The ‘shark” approach is perfect (and I may well borrow it)

    One hears the chant of “we the people” from the stands loud and clear….still…..very few actually suit up and join the team defending our goal. With the vast communicatio platforms ‘ignorance’ is no longer a plausible reason, unless no one has taught them to ‘think’. Perhaps some are so self engaged their vision extends only to the edge of their bubble….Or could it be….some are flat out too lazy to source their vote?……….I suppose I should in the name of fairness, include the successful ‘brain washing’ from cradle to the grave’


  2. I blame the people too- the Demwits. Kick a Demwit, kick a Demwit twice. Get it out of your system. Start with the pig louse she gets her kick square in her howdy doody face.

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