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California continues assault on gender

The radical left is at it again in their assault on gender in California. The AFP is reporting on a new radical law that is seeking to make retail stores comply with a gender-neutral shopping experience for children.

Some time ago, many outlets had reported that California was eyeing gender-neutral toys and fines for both in-store and online retailers. Under this new law that is being considered, toys for boys and girls would not be allowed to sit on aisles separate. The toys must be marketed together, so that way kids in California can be even more confused about things in their state.

It’s not just toys this time, however. Items such as pacifiers, feeding equipment, and more would all fall under the requirement to be gender-neutral. Why wouldn’t this make sense, after all, no one brings home a little boy or little girl right?

So why is it making headlines again? Because it just passed its final floor reading on Thursday and will be heading to the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Newsom is expected to sign the legislation without question.

California State Rep. Evan Low, a radical Democrat, is the state rep responsible for the legislation. He said, “We need to stop stigmatizing kids and putting them in a box by dictating what they should like based on outdated gender stereotypes.” Low believes that we should stop telling little boys they are boys and little girls they are girls.

Low believes that we should tell every child they are an it and allow them to decide what they want to be. Of course, there is just one problem with this. Birth does not allow you to select a gender at a later age and simply attach the reproductive parts for the check box you mark. You are born as a specific gender at birth and contain the traits for that gender.

Low was born a male, identifies as male, but is open about his homosexual lifestyle. He has led the radical-left march for universal basic income and sexual reassignment healthcare coverage for youth in the state, along with many other radical initiatives. He is also the chair of the California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus.

I am not sure what is the situation in California and how these people became so radical, but laws like this are absolutely absurd. Multiple times I have shared in podcast and writing that gender is something designed by God, assigned at birth, and possessed for a lifetime. It does not matter how many surgeries you have, the hormones you take, or the number of feelings you have, you are still the gender you were at birth.

But in California, common sense is not so common among the radical left. They continue their assault on gender, family, and reality with absurd laws such as this. I am absolutely certain Kamala Harris is somewhere excited about what is taking place.

Gov. Newsom will most certainly sign the law, which will essentially remove the existence of gender identity among California’s youth. A law that essentially removes any assignment or assumption of gender until the government approves. Yes, the government is attempting to exercise control over your gender in California, by refusing to allow you to be the gender God designed and that you were born.

For businesses in California, no more can you market to a gender for a child. You will be fined or sued for assuming someone has a gender. That’s how ridiculous this has become. Baby dolls and army men will live side by side on the shelf, in gender-neutral packaging so as not to offend a child’s parent. Because this ridiculousness is not a concern of any child.

Not one single child when born is confused about their gender. They learn that from the ridiculous ideas that the radical left tells them as they grow. Boys are naturally boys while girls are naturally girls. It’s radical idiots that seek to destroy the perfect plan God has created.

The state of California is on a path of ultimate destruction and with it, the radical left is attempting to take the entire United States.

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  1. If you’re Homosexual, that is it you are a Homosexual. No matter WHAT you do will not change your DNA! Why spend the money (or your parents’ money) to try to be something you can never be?

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