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Biden And The Democrats Are Crumbling

For a while following the 2020 election the future looked rosy for the far-left Democrat party. They got their fraudulent election handed to them and placed the idiot Biden in the White House, plus they got the House and the Senate loaded in their favor. At this point the sailing looked good for their complete take-over of America and for Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America.

And remember that just prior to the Democrats winning big in the fraudulent 2020 election, Donald Trump had been found innocent of all collusion charges and had defeated two stupid impeachment votes brought by the corrupt Democrats.

But then reality came along and beat the Dems over their anti-American heads. Joey opened the southern border; he killed the Keystone pipeline; he yanked the troops out of Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Americans behind; he mandated masking and vaxxing for all Americans; he proposed borrowing and spending trillions of dollars that we don’t have; the border situation still gets worse every day with additional thousands of illegal immigrants invading America and being secretly shipped throughout the nation.

Hunter’s laptop and its resident emails have been confirmed as the real thing by the FBI, and now Hunter and Daddy-Joe are charged with not paying taxes on millions of dollars of income, in direct contradiction to Joey’s insistence that everyone must pay their “fair share“, whatever that means.

And most recently crime is wildly out of control and increasing in Democrat-run cities, while at the same time the Dems are firing police officers en masse in their idiotic defund-the-police efforts. Possibly diseased immigrants are being distributed to all states by the Biden administration. And the January 6th video tapes have been released and show that the alleged “insurrectionists’ at the Capitol had no weapons, were not violent and were mostly taking selfies as they walked the corridors of the Capitol building; the whole January 6th thing was a lie from the lying Democrats.

Biden’s favorability rating is quickly seeking the floor and thinking people want the fool man gone from their lives.

It’s amazing how quickly a bright and rosy beginning can turn to darkness and defeat when the subject is about the satanic Democrats’ lies and their unconstitutional policies.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Mr. King:
    Your points are well taken but beg the question, so what? The democrats don’t care if biden’s approval number is a single digit. His handlers are getting what they want without any interference. Today, the defense bill was passed that included a Red Flag law that would make it possible for some bureaucrat within DOD to declare any veteran a “risk” who attends a rally, speaks out against the government, or refuses the poison jab and then have his guns confiscated and other rights violated, all without due process. And no one cares. 135 republican uniparty (but I repeat myself) voted in favor or squeezing the rights out of every veteran. And who will be next??? “And then they came for me …..”

  2. You are absolutely correct. A lot of talking but no action. All we can hope for is that Beijing Biden has a stroke, Harris dies of laughter and Pelosi dies in a massive California quake! If the DOD goes house to house grabbing guns I hope they bring plenty of body bags with them because that will be the straw that breaks the camels back I think. Over three hundred million firearms in America or more and that will be what brings bloodshed in a massive scale in America. Most red states have already said they won’t support gun confiscation and it will turn into state vs government conflict.

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